25 Menacing Facts about Marvel Villains

21American Kaiju

American Kaiju

One of the newest additions to the Marvel rogues’ gallery is American Kaiju. Corporal Todd Ziller volunteered for a program that was meant to replicate the success of the program that led to Captain America. However, the program filled some of its gaps Jurassic Park-style with Pym particles and gamma radiation, leading to a giant reptilian creature.



Mojo is a yellow-skinned, robot-legged creature living in his own world. On Mojoworld, Mojo has enslaved the population to be an audience for his shows, which typically involve younger versions of Marvel heroes. Mojo turned the X-Men into X-Babies but wasn’t able to keep them loyal to him.



Marvel introduced the Mental Organism Designed as America’s King (M.O.D.A.A.K) in 2016. The character bears a certain resemblance to a contemporary political figure, and it also hates foreigners. M.O.D.A.A.K is defeated by a black female Captain America after threatening to crush her in “my powerful hands.”

24X-Men Black

X-Men Black

The villains are getting some love with X-Men Black, a series of five one-shot stories that each focus on a different villain: Magneto, Emma Frost, Mystique, Juggernaut, and Mojo.

25Wolverine and Sabretooth

Wolverine and Sabretooth

Like Wolverine, Sabretooth doesn’t have many memories of his younger years. However, he does remember killing his older brother over a piece of the pie.

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  1. Casandra Nova isn’t exactly Xavier twin, Cassandra Nova Xavier is what the Shi’ar call “Mummudrai”, the spirit that is the equal and opposite of a person. because of the amazing genetic potential of Xavier, his Mummudrai was able to create a physical form from his DNA, effectively causing a second body to form inside his mother. when this occurred professor X sensed she was an evil presence. his baby actions were not the actions of a villain



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