50 Astonishing Facts About Actresses – Part 6

1Jennifer Lawrence's Studio Rejection

Jennifer Lawrence's Studio Rejection

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence rejected an invitation from "Inside the Actors Studio", thinking her attitude and lack of experience would make host James Lipton "hate" her. "Tell me about your method? There is no method! I never know my lines! He would be horrified."

2Salma Hayek's UNICEF Act

Salma Hayek's UNICEF Act

On a UNICEF trip to Africa in 2008, Salma Hayek decided to breast-feed a local baby in front of the camera. The sick baby was born the same day but a year after her child, who wasn't weaned. She later told how her Mexican great-grandma had spontaneously breastfed a hungry baby in her village.

3Aubrey Plaza's Unique Role

Aubrey Plaza's Unique Role

The role of April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation was specifically created for Aubrey Plaza after the casting director met her and felt she was the "weirdest girl I've ever met in my life."

4Anne Ramsey's Oscar Nomination

Anne Ramsey's Oscar Nomination

Anne Ramsey, best known for her role in Throw Mama From The Train (1987), had slurred speech due to operations for her throat cancer and was in pain during the whole production. She was nominated for an Oscar. Sadly, she died of throat cancer six months after the ceremony.

5Madge Bellamy's Short Marriage

Madge Bellamy's Short Marriage

Popular 1920's actress Madge Bellamy separated from her newlywed husband after four days because of his fondness for eating ham and eggs, which she considered "plebeian." They would fully divorce three months later.

6Bea Arthur's Marine Service

Bea Arthur's Marine Service

Bea Arthur (Dorothy from The Golden Girls) was a truck-driving Marine in World War II before finding fame as an actress and singer.

7Hattie McDaniel's Final Wish

Hattie McDaniel's Final Wish

Actress Hattie McDaniel, the first-ever African-American to win an Oscar, had one final wish when she was dying from cancer: to be buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA. Her final wish was ultimately denied, as the cemetery had a strict all-white policy at the time.

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8Julia Roberts' Wedding Absence

Julia Roberts' Wedding Absence

In 1990, Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland were to be married, but Julia ran away to Europe with Kiefer's best friend. Humiliated, Kiefer took solace in steerroping. And despite breaking three fingers at his first rodeo, he persevered to become a tournament-winning rider on the rodeo circuit.

9Jennifer Beals' Flashdance Shirt

Jennifer Beals' Flashdance Shirt

For 1983's Flashdance, an accident led to the iconic cutoff sweatshirt look. Actress Jennifer Beals accidentally left her favorite sweatshirt in the dryer too long and shrunk it. She cut out the neck hole in order to fit her head through, and she went to a wardrobe fitting. The director loved it.

10Jean Seberg's FBI Target

Jean Seberg's FBI Target

Because she supported the Civil Rights movement, the FBI created a fake story that actress Jean Seberg had cheated on her husband with a black man. The stress of the fake story caused her to go into labor prematurely, resulting in the death of her baby.

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