25 Bizarre Tradition From Around the World – Part 2



There is a tradition in Nepal where a young girl is worshipped as a living Goddess on Earth. She is called as Kumari who is a pre-pubescent girl chosen from the Shakya caste of the Newari community of Nepal.

22Slovakia's Easter

Slovakia's Easter

There is a continuing Easter tradition in Slovakia for men to get day drunk, throw buckets of water on women, and spank them with willow whips.

23Turning of the Bones

Turning of the Bones

There is a Madagascan funerary tradition of exhuming their deceased loved ones every 5 to 7 years in a ceremony called 'Turning of the Bones'. It's a way to show respect and keep their loved ones’ memories alive.

24Mari Lwyd

Mari Lwyd

Mari Lwyd is a Welsh Christmas tradition in which a horse's skull is dressed up and paraded around to people's homes on a stick. The participants then ask to be let in in song, and the householders reply in kind.

25Homecoming mum

Homecoming mum

In Texas, the tradition of high school Homecoming includes enormous and flamboyant "mums", an arrangement of ribbons, buttons, charms, and other accouterments; sewn into a wearable accessory.

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