25 Bizarre Tradition From Around the World – Part 2

11Birthday tradition

Birthday tradition

It is an Australian birthday tradition for the birthday boy/girl to kiss the nearest person of the opposite sex after cutting the cake.



It is a tradition in Japan to create rabbits out of snow called Yukiusagi using berries or red food dye for the eyes and bamboo leaves for their ears.

13The Custom of the Sea

The Custom of the Sea

The Custom of the Sea was an old tradition among sailors where in dire circumstances, such as being stranded at sea and on the verge of starvation, the remaining sailors would all draw straws and whoever drew the shortest would then be killed and eaten to ensure the survival of the others.

14Mongolian tradition

Mongolian tradition

Mongolians have a tradition of giving unpleasant names to children born to couples whose previous children have died, to confuse evil spirits. Examples are Nekhii 'Sheepskin', Nergüi 'No Name', Medekhgüi, 'I Don't Know', Khünbish 'Not A Human Being', Khenbish 'Nobody', Ogtbish 'Not At All', Enebish 'Not This One', Terbish 'Not That One'.

15Friendship Albums

Friendship Albums

Friendship Albums is a tradition among African-American women in the early 1800s from the middle/upper class. Empty books were passed around their circle and filled with philosophical, political, or creative writing and art. They are extremely rare antiques and only 5 such albums are known to exist today.

16Mayor's tie

Mayor's tie

In several German towns, during an annual festival, it is a tradition for a group of women to storm the Town Hall and cut off the mayor’s tie, symbolically ‘taking over the town.’

17Da Shuhua

Da Shuhua

Da Shuhua is a Chinese tradition of tossing molten iron onto cold bricks to create a dazzling light show. Da Shuhua has been classified as one of China's significant examples of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, and the provincial intangible cultural heritage in Hebei.

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The Ma’nene is an odd tradition practiced in Indonesia. Every three years relatives of the dead dig up their deceased loved ones and dress them up in nice clothes. It’s believed to bring them good luck.

19Tió de Nadal

Tió de Nadal

In Catalonia, there is a tradition involving a Tió de Nadal (Christmas Log). A log is brought inside one's living room, often referred to as a 'Poop Log'. It’s given a blanket and fed small treats. Come Christmas day, children beat the log with sticks, demanding that it poop presents for them.

20Jazz Funerals

Jazz Funerals

Jazz Funerals is a New Orleans tradition in which a person is “buried with music” by a brass band and other musicians in a procession to their grave. “Second Liners”- people who dance to the music in all styles, accompany the music players to bury the person with respect.

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