50 Interesting Facts About Subcultures, Trends & Movements

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1Deaf Culture

Deaf Culture

The deaf community has a cultural clash issue with Cochlear implants. Advocates of deaf culture see themselves as a community, not unlike an ethnic group. Endowed with a distinct language and set of traditions, they conceptualize deafness not as a physical condition but rather as a social distinction.

2. Edelweiss Pirates were a proto-hippie youth group in Germany who fought Nazis as they frolicked through the countryside playing guitars and singing Anti-Nazi folk songs at campfires. They sheltered escaped concentration camp prisoners and Allied soldiers in a program of armed resistance.

3. “Donaldism” is the name for Disney fandom particularly focused on Donald Duck comics and cartoons. Germans call their society: "D.O.N.A.L.D." (“Deutsche Organisation nichtkommerzieller Anhänger des lauteren Donaldismus” or the German Organization of Non-commercial Devotees of Pure Donaldism).

4. Russians often seen squatting in pictures are called Gopniks. They are known for posing, and hanging out in large groups, in a squatting position. They squat because it is too cold to sit.

5. In 2019, a hipster complained to MIT Technology Review for using his picture to imply hipsters look the same. He ended up discovering that the picture was of an entirely different hipster.

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6Hells Angels

Hells Angels

To be inducted into the infamous biker gang Hells Angels, newbies must never wash their uniform (the biker jacket and jeans) even after they have been covered in urine and feces of acting members.

7. Los Frikis was a punk subculture in Cuba who purposefully gave themselves HIV during the 1990s.

8. Myrtle R. Douglas, a.k.a., Morojo is considered the inventor of Cosplay. She was a science fiction fanzine editor, who in 1939 created costumes, based on an H.G. Wells movie, for her and her boyfriend to wear to the first World Science Fiction Convention. Within several years costumes became integral to Worldcon.

9. Women’s flapper fashion of the 1920s valued small breasts and a thin boyish figure. Bras to flatten the chest were wildly popular.

10. FBI spent years investigating an anti-goth cult that didn’t even exist. Official investigation on ‘Church of the Hammer’ and their Yahoo group ‘GodHatesGoths', continued for over 2 years before they realized the entire thing was completely fake and intended to be a joke.

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11Thailand Cholos

Thailand Cholos

In Thailand, there is a trend of guys joining gangs and dressing like “cholos”, Chicano gangsters from the South and Southwest. They come from all walks of life, from normal street racers to cops and government employees, banding together to promote social awareness and friendship.

12. The Flat Earth Society believes that all the other planets are round and that Earth, which “isn’t a planet”, is at the center of our solar system. However, for all the hysteria, peak membership in the Flat Earth Society was 3500 people in the late 90s.

13. “Hipsters” were originally aficionados of jazz in the 1940s. A hipster adopted the lifestyle of the jazz musician, including some or all of the following: dress, slang, use of cannabis and other drugs, relaxed attitude, sarcastic humor, self-imposed poverty, and relaxed sexual codes.

14. In the Pagan’s (outlaw) Motorcycle Club, women are not allowed to walk alone, are referred to as either “old lady” or “the property of”. Also, women that are “shared” are referred to as “pets” and the men aren’t allowed to marry them.

15. The word “dude” originally referred to an extremely well-dressed male from the East Coast and was slang for cowboys who catered to such city-slickers on “dude ranches”, or guest ranches. In the 1960s and 70s, it evolved to its current usage starting out with surfer culture.

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Ganguro is a fashion trend among young Japanese women that started in the mid-1990s. It is a style used to rebel against the 'traditional beauty' of pale skin with dark hair, rather than an imitation of Western culture.

17. “Jizz” is a common term used in bird watching that describes a bird’s overall appearance based on shape, posture, flying style, and other habitual movements.

18. The “California Route” to the summit of Mt Fitz Roy in Patagonia was first climbed in 1968 by five American hippies who called themselves “The Fun Hogs.” One of them later founded Patagonia (originally called Chouinard, his last name), and another founded The North Face (in 1964).

19. Even though t-shirts were created around 1904, they were never considered to be outerwear until World War 2 when soldiers were seen in pictures wearing their undershirts with combat pants, leading to the Greaser style in the 50s and later having images printed on them.

20. Peppa Pig has been blocked from an online video channel in China after it became associated with the “gangster” subculture.

21Biker Gang

Biker Gang

There is a biker gang from Arizona who help keep child abuse victims safe while the child’s abuser is prosecuted, including guarding their houses at night if a person is not yet in jail and attending court with the child, shielding them so they don't have to look at their abuser.

22. Chrese Evans, Stalin’s granddaughter is a punk hippie Buddhist who runs an antique shop in Portland.

23. All of the characters in 'Scooby Doo' was based on character in the 50s TV show ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.’ Shaggy was originally a beatnik, then a hippy. Legendary DJ Casey Kasem originally balked at voicing a hippie but grew to love the character as Shaggy evolved through the series.

24. The trend of sagging jeans below your waist in hip-hop culture began in jails when prisoners were detained without a belt for fear they might use it to commit suicide, or kill a fellow inmate.

25. There is an annual festival for goths at Disneyland. It’s called “Bats Day at the Fun Park.”

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