20 Real Stories That Sound Like They Came Straight Out Of An X-Files Episode – Part 2


1Flying Toilet

Flying Toilet

Due to the non-availability of proper access to sanitary facilities in the heavily populated slums of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, one of the most commonly used methods of waste disposal is the “flying toilet”. A flying toilet is little more than a plastic bag that is defecated in and then hurled away in ditches or on the roadside or as far as possible. During rains water contaminated with excrement can enter residences; some children even swim in it and such close contact leads to fears of diseases such as diarrhea, skin disorders, typhoid fever, and malaria.

2Bullet in Food

Bullet in Food

A Californian woman bit the bullet in 2004 and we mean literally, in fact, she bit two. When she was eating a hot dog from a local Costco, she suddenly found chewing metal in her mouth. Closer inspection revealed a 9mm bullet inside the hotdog. She was lucky as bullets can sometimes explode from such an impact. When she later visited the doctor for stomach pain, x-rays revealed another 9mm bullet in her stomach which she swallowed without noticing. It later passed out the usual way. A police investigation was unable to solve how two bullets got into hotdogs. Even the Costco CEO said the incident is “regrettable, but difficult to understand.”

3Bizarre Love Triangle

Bizarre Love Triangle

In 2004, a 14-year-old Manchester boy was stabbed in what seemed like a robbery gone wrong. The case became weirder as details began to emerge. The attacker was found to be his former best friend who was 15. Both of them fell in love with the same woman. Investigation revealed the woman to be a middle-aged spy whom they both met in chat rooms. It came out that the younger friend was in love with the older boy. The older boy then divulged that the woman had ordered the murder. Further investigation of the woman revealed that she did not exist at all. Finally, it came out that the 14-year-old pretended to be the woman who had sent 50,000 messages between the three of them for nothing more than a perverse suicide bid.

4Leonard Jones

Leonard Jones

Leonard Jones was a Kentucky politician who was born in Kentucky in 1797. He repeatedly ran for President of the United States and Governor of Kentucky, citing that he'd achieved immortality through prayer and fasting and could give his secrets for cheating death to the public. He obviously didn’t do enough of these two, because he died from pneumonia on August 30, 1868, at the age of 71.

5Smothered to Death

Smothered to Death

In January 2013, police were called to a trailer park in Washington after residents heard fighting from a neighbor’s home. When police arrived, they found Donna Marie Lange apparently passed out on her boyfriend with her breasts completely smothering his face. He was smothered to death with her breasts. Witnesses heard him screaming for Lange to get off, and investigators discovered clumps of her hair in his dead hands. Lange was charged with second-degree murder.

6Nigerian Businessman

Nigerian Businessman

In 2012, a wealthy Nigerian businessman named Uroko Onoja was trying to getting it on with his youngest wife, when his other five wives burst in with sticks and knives demanding that he satiate their urges first. After a few rolls in the sack, it was the penultimate wife’s turn when he collapsed and died, presumably of cardiac arrest brought about by exhaustion. Reports state he was raped to death and two of the wives were arrested.

7Inevitable Attraction

Inevitable Attraction

An unnamed couple met each other and immediately felt an “inevitable attraction” to one another. They started a romantic relationship together, which eventually led to them getting married. Soon after their wedding, it came to light that they were in fact twins separated at birth. The courts annulled the British couple's union after they discovered their true relationship.

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8Come and See

Come and See

'Come and See' was a 1985 film from the Soviet Union that told the story of shell-shocked victims of the Third Reich’s invasion of the USSR. Director Elem Klimov used real guns during the filming of this movie and loaded them with live ammunition instead of blanks to make the movie more realistic. Lead actor Aleksey Kravchenko described how bullets came within inches of his head during filming.

9Haunted Cane

Haunted Cane

In 2004, an Indiana woman named Mary Anderson put on eBay a haunted ‘Ghost Cane’ for sale. Though eBay at that time rejected ‘intangible items such as spirits or souls,’ because Ms. Anderson made it clear she was only selling the cane so that her son would no longer freak out, the item was accepted for bidding. The cane reached 132 bids and was sold for $65,000 to the Golden Palace casino in Antigua which had also added to its collection, a $28,000 grilled cheese sandwich which was said to bear the image of the Virgin Mary.



Everyone currently has hemorrhoids. They’re just not inflamed. St. Fiarce is the patron saint of hemorrhoids. He miraculously cured his inflamed anus by placing it upon a blessed rock. The stone survives to this day, imprinted with his holy hole, and many still flock to it hoping to cure themselves. It was once believed that if a person did not pray to St. Fiacre, they’d suffer from hemorrhoids. To treat them, the monks put a red-hot iron up the anus. To never experience inflamed hemorrhoids in your life, you should avoid sitting on the toilet for too long, straining, and holding your breath while making bowel movements.


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