100 Interesting Facts About Water

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76 Earthworms


Earthworms do NOT surface to avoid drowning when it rains. Instead, they come to the surface to move overland. Since worms breathe through their skin, the skin must stay wet in order for the oxygen to pass through it. And earthworms can actually survive for several weeks under water.

77. Gin and Tonic were originally created by the British East India Company as a way to get soldiers to have quinine to prevent and treat malaria. Quinine (in tonic) was too bitter. In order to get them to drink the tonic officers added the soldiers’ gin rations with sugar, lime, and water.

78. After Hurricane Katrina, Cuba & Venezuela were the first countries to offer assistance, pledging over $1 million, several mobile hospitals, water treatment plants, canned food, bottled water, heating oil, 1,100 doctors and 26.4 metric tons of medicine -but were rejected by the US Government

79. Bill Broyles, the writer for the movie Castaway, chose to deliberately strand himself for one week on an isolated beach in the Sea of Cortez, to force himself to search for water and food, and obtain his own shelter. During this time, a volleyball washed up on shore.

80. After a woman’s lung collapsed on a flight, two doctors performed surgery with the aircraft’s medical kit, along with a coat hanger, Sellotape, a knife and fork, a bottle of water, and five-star brandy for disinfectant. The woman felt better after ten minutes.

81 NYC’s East River tunnel leak

NYC's East River tunnel leak

Due to a compressed air leak, a worker in a subway tunnel under New York City’s East River was blown out of the tunnel, through the mud at the bottom of the river, up through the water, and 25 feet or so into the air. He received no serious injury.

82. In 2013 a 65-year-old Seattle woman set out to fast for 100 days in order to prove that humans can sustain themselves solely on air, water, and light. She ended her experiment after 47 days.

83. Astronauts discard their clothes after each use. Since it cost about $10,000 to get one pound of cargo to the ISS it is more cost effective for them to discard their clothes when they get dirty instead of wasting water by washing them.

84. France classifies books as an “essential good,” along with electricity, bread, and water.

85. Every night the Disney world maintenance staff hoses down the park with over 120-degree water so all the gum will melt off of the midways and cue lines.

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86 Nazi cruel experiment

Nazi cruel experiment

The Nazis forced approximately 90 Gypsy inmates to drink nothing but seawater just to see what would happen. The resulting dehydration was so severe that inmates licked newly mopped floors just to get a single drop of fresh water.

87. The opening day of Disneyland was referred to by Walt as “Black Sunday” as rides broke down, the freshly paved asphalt had women’s shoes sticking to it, a plumber’s strike made Walt chose between bathrooms and drinking water, restaurants ran out of food, among many other problems

88. A reporter who wrote stories about a serial killer was actually the serial killer himself – and he later allegedly committed suicide by drowning himself in a bucket of water

89. If you have nerve damage to your hand or other body parts, it won’t wrinkle when submerged in water.

90. A gargoyle can only be called that name if it has a spout and was created to divert water away from the building. Non-functioning, ornamental ones should be called a chimera, grotesque, or boss.

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91 Narwhal’s tusk

Narwhal's tusk

A Narwhal’s tusk is actually it’s left tooth which breaks through its lip. It is soft and covered with small holes that fill with water and basically make the tusk a sensory organ, like a nose or ears.

92. James Joyce’s daughter Lucia suffered from schizophrenia. He took her to be treated by Carl Jung. His diagnosis; “You are both submerged in the same water but you are swimming, she is drowning”

93. Coca-Cola has depleted Indian village’s water for 16 years

94. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is built on 14 islands, and that the city center is “virtually situated on the water”.

95. There is a nuclear power plant in Arizona on 4000 ac.², it employs 2055 workers, generates 35% of all the electric energy in Arizona, and it is the only nuclear power plant in the world that is not built next to a body of water.

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96 Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase

When the Titanic was found in 1985, the famous Grand Staircase (appearing in many films of the sinking) was missing. During the filming of the 1997 movie, the replica was torn out by the water when the set was flooded; the real staircase was likely ripped out of the ship in the same way.

97. There is a Catholic Saint of Beer. Saint Arnold of Soissons saved the lives of many by urging them to drink beer rather than water that was spreading the plague. Boiling during the brewing process killed the pathogens.

98. Los Angeles consumes the same amount of water today as it did in 1970, with 1 million more residents. The city consumes approximately 123 gallons per capita, per day, which is the best in the entire nation.

99. Gordon Ramsay while filming a scene about puffin hunting fell off an 85-foot cliff into the water and survived.

100. Captain Christopher Jones of the Mayflower forced their ship to land early at Plymouth Rock because of the ships dwindling supply of beer. Before pasteurization was discovered in 1864, beer through the process of fermentation, was safer to drink than water.

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