100 Interesting Facts About Water

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26 Peeing


Peeing in the shower can save up to 2,500 liters of water per year, per person.

27. Treadmills used to be used as punishment for prisoners in the 1800’s. The treadmills powered grain mills (hence the name treadmill) and pump water.

28. 53 percent of the people who live in Fiji don’t have access to clean, safe water yet Fiji water is the nation’s largest export

29. Watermelons originated in Africa and were first cultivated solely for their water content; their flavor was very bitter.

30. Coca-Cola had tried to sell bottled water at a premium price which happened to be tap water taken from the mains

31 Fentanyl overdose

Fentanyl overdose

A man once took 25 Fentanyl’s (many people OD off of just one) and jumped off a bridge in an attempt to kill himself. He survived due to the cold water shocking his nervous system keeping him alive.

32. There is enough water in Lake Superior to flood the entire landmasses of North and South America to a depth of 1 foot. It contains over 3 quadrillion gallons of fresh water.

33. There is an indoor vegetable factory in Japan that produces up to 10,000 heads of lettuce per day and uses just 1% of the amount of water needed for outdoor fields.

34. Albertville, France’s electricity is powered by Beaufort cheese. Since whey is unnecessary to make Beaufort cheese, bacteria is added to the whey. This transforms the whey into biogas. This gas is then fed through an engine which heats water to 90°C (194°F) to generate 2800 MWh/yr of electricity

35. Vegas is running out of water and electricity. After a 14-year drought, experts say that the water level in the reservoir created by the Hoover Dam which provides Vegas with water and power is now well below half full.

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36 Big Wind

Big Wind

In an effort to fight oil well fires, Hungarian engineers recycled a Russian T-34 tank and replaced the gun turret with two Mig-21 jet engines. The team would inject water into the exhaust of the engines and literally blow an oil well fire out. They called the device Big Wind.

37. If we lose 10kg (22lbs) of fat, 8.4kg (18.5lbs) turns into carbon dioxide which is exhaled when we breathe, while 1.6kg (3.5lbs) turns to water that is excreted through urine, tears, sweat

38. Jose Fernandez’s 4th attempt to defect from Cuba to the US, a person fell overboard. Jose jumped into the waters and saved the person. He recalled, “I don’t remember much, just diving in the water and swimming towards this woman. As I was getting close, I could see it was my mother”

39. There is a 5000-year-old refrigeration technique using only principles of evaporation and humidity that can be produced with basic pottery, sand, a rag, and water.

40. A Texas man was asked not to swim in a marina due to sightings of an alligator. He responded with “F#$k that alligator” before diving in the water. He was immediately killed by an alligator.

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41 Initial Challenger explosion

Initial Challenger explosion

It is almost certain that the astronauts survived the initial Challenger explosion, and died on impact with the water. At least three of the crew’s emergency oxygen tanks were manually switched on after the crew’s capsule broke apart from the rest of the shuttle.

42. There are 5 enormous cylindrical shafts underneath of Tokyo, Japan which fill with water in case of a flood so that it does not destroy the city.

43. Most American’s don’t have electric kettles in their kitchens to boil water.

44. In 1854, cholera broke out in London. Using spot maps, it was shown that the majority of cases occurred where the water pump in Broad Street was closest. However, monks within that area didn’t get cholera. Investigation showed that this was because they only drank beer, not water.

45. A researcher set up speakers playing the sound of rushing water in a calm pond and Beavers repeatedly covered the speakers until they couldn’t hear the sound anymore.

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46 Hero of Alexandria

Hero of Alexandria

Ancient Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria invented the first vending machine which dispensed holy water after you put in a coin. He also invented the first steam engine and the first wind-powered machine, 2000 years before the industrial revolution.

47. Mushrooms can create a slight breeze even when the air is calm. They release water vapor, cooling the air and creating a convective current that gets the air moving, carrying spores away from the parent.

48. A captive killer whale at MarineLand discovered it could regurgitate fish onto the surface of the water, attracting sea gulls, and then eat the birds. Four others then learned to copy the behavior.

49. Coke was sued for the “unwarranted health claims” on their product Vitaminwater. Coke’s defense was “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitamin water was a healthy beverage.”

50. John Snow who first proposed that cholera outbreaks were happening because people drank water contaminated with feces. His claims were rejected for decades because the were “too disgusting” for the public to contemplate.

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