100 Interesting Facts about Switzerland

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76Right to vote

Right to vote

You can prove your right to vote in Switzerland by showing your sword.

77. There is a lawyer named Antoine Goetschel in Switzerland who represents animals in court. He has even prosecuted a fisherman for taking too long to catch a Pike.

78. In 1976, William Bradford Bishop murdered his wife, 3 kids & mother with a sledgehammer and then disappeared. Placed on the FBI most wanted list in 2014, there have been credible sightings of him in Sweden, Italy & Switzerland. A former soldier & State Department employee, he speaks 5 languages.

79. The Taichung Power Plant in Taiwan releases as much CO2 into the air each year as the entire country of Switzerland.

80. Goldfish crackers come from Switzerland.

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Switzerland Legalised Home-Grown Cannabis to Curb Illegal sale.

82. Every 1000 years there are giant tsunamis on Switzerland's fresh water lakes.

83. At the mouth of the Amazon River, there's an island nearly the size of Switzerland.

84. In Switzerland, plants have rights.

85. An Australian family owns 45000 square kilometers of land, more than Switzerland.

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86Brother Theodore

Brother Theodore

The voice of Gollum from the animated Lord of the Rings films paid his way out of Dachau, was deported from Switzerland for chess hustling, escaped to the U.S. with the help of Albert Einstein and was Stanford's version of Will Hunting before deciding to become an actor.

87. Only the Swiss Army Knife corkscrew tool is not made in Switzerland but in Japan. All other parts are pure Swiss made.

88. In Switzerland, underground hangars or "aircraft caverns" are carved out of the Alps mountains to store military aircraft.

89. Reformer John Calvin was a strong believer in austerity and sacrifice. He imposed laws that limit the consumption of luxuries in Switzerland. Geneva's jewelers are forced to learn another craft: watchmaking. The ban has brought much wealth to Switzerland the ironic result of Calvinist austerity.

90. Sweden and Switzerland are the third and fifth biggest arms suppliers per capita in the world.

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Switzerland has a Santa helper called Schmutzli who beats children with a broom.

92. In 1971, NASA took 500 seeds on a mission that orbited the moon. These "moon trees" were germinated and later planted in Brazil, Switzerland, the White House and presented to Emperor Hirohito, among others.

93. There was a war in Switzerland fought out with wooden clubs because Napoleon took away their weapons.

94. Once a year, thousands of residents in Appenzell, Switzerland assemble in the open air to vote on new laws by raising their hands. Until 1991, only men could vote using their family swords.

95. Switzerland did not join the UN until 2002.



In the German dub of The Simpsons, Üter is from Switzerland rather than Germany.

97. Switzerland banned mammograms because recent studies found them to be more dangerous than helpful.

98. There is a Dam in Switzerland, Grand-Dixence Dam, that produces half as much electricity as Hoover Dam (2000 GWh) with a 50x smaller Reservoir. The dam itself, located in the Alps at an altitude of 2264 m, is more than two times larger. At 285 m, it's the tallest gravity dam in the world.

99. 37% of Swiss voted in 1989 to abolish Switzerland's military.

100. Switzerland had a tank that was so faulty it would accidentally start turning its turret and even shoot its main gun if the heating system was switched on.

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