100 Interesting Facts about Kings

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When the present King of Thailand Vajiralongkorn sued his first wife for divorce, she was unable to defend herself in court because of a law forbidding criticism of the King.

2. King Henry VIII was once arrested and then imprisoned for assaulting a police constable with his walking stick. When the police constable was informed he had jailed the King of England, he feared execution. Instead, he was commended by Henry VIII for his dedication to duty.

3. Redbad, the last pagan King of Frisia (northern Netherlands), refused to convert to Christianity because he "preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors than in Heaven with his enemies."

4. In 1191, King Richard I used chains made of silver to imprison the ruler of Cyprus because he had promised not to place him in irons.

5. In 1904, a Swedish sailor shipwrecked on an island in Papua New Guinea inhabited by cannibalistic tribals. He was carried to their king, whose daughter fell in love with him. He married the king's daughter and after his death became king of the Island.

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6King Kamehameha

King Kamehameha

When King Kamehameha of Hawaii died in 1819, his body was taken and buried in secret in accordance with Hawaiian tradition to preserve his mana. To this day, his body has not been found and people only speculate on its location.

7. King Edward I built the largest trebuchet ever in order to lay siege to a Scottish Castle. The sight of the giant trebuchet so intimidated the Scots that they tried to surrender, but Edward sent them back so he could use his new weapon to launch 300 lb projectiles at the castle.

8. Henry III received a polar bear as a gift from King Haakon of Norway in 1252. The bear lived at the Tower of London and was given a long leash so it could swim in the river Thames and catch fish.

9. At Tsar Nicholas II's coronation party about 1389 people died after being trampled due to a rumor that there wasn't enough free beer and food.

10. King Harald of Norway vowed to remain unmarried for life unless he could marry his true love, the daughter of a cloth merchant. She became the Queen of Norway.

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11Louis Philippe I

Louis Philippe I

In 1835, a man attempted to assassinate the king of France with a hand-made 25-barrel rifle. The discharge killed 18 people and wounded 22. The king was only grazed by a bullet.

12. After being told he could not drink or smoke in front of the King of Saudia Arabia for religious reasons, Winston Churchill said: "My religion prescribed an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and drinking alcohol before, after, and if need be during all meals and the intervals between them."

13. King Tutankhamun had club foot, feminine hips and an overbite. He had Kohler’s disease. DNA determines that Pharaoh's parents were undoubtedly brother and sister.

14. According to one researcher, ancient kings and royals such as Alexander the Great were sometimes buried in honey. After about a hundred years, candied corpses were supposedly dug up and eaten as medicine.

15. Genghis Khan would marry off a daughter to the king of an allied nation, dismissing his other wives. Then he would assign his new son-in-law to military duty in the Mongol wars, while the daughter took over the rule. Most sons-in-law died in combat, giving him shield around the Mongol lands.

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Eunus, a slave-magician joked on stage that he planned to overthrow Roman rule and become king of Sicily. Later, he led a huge slave uprising and kept his promises to spare the lives of those who had left him tips.

17. Most scholars accept that the story of Dhul-Qarnayn in the Quran is a reference to Alexandar the Great.

18. When King Charles II of Navarra was sick, his doctor ordered him to be wrapped in linen and covered in brandy. Unfortunately, instead of cutting the last thread of linen with scissors, the nurse thought it'd be a great idea to burn it off, burning the King alive.

19. First name of the present king of Thailand is Vajiralongkorn Barommachakkrayadisonsantatiwongse Deveshrathamrongsubariban Abhikhunuprakarnmahittaladuladej Bhumibholnaresvarangkura Kittisirisomburana Savangavadhana Barommakhattiyarajakumara.

20. The Red Hand is the symbol of Ulster because according to a myth, a boat race was held to determine the king - first, to touch the shore wins the crown. One potential king saw he was losing, so cut off his hand (covering it red with blood) and threw it on the shore, thus winning the race.

21King Mithridates

King Mithridates

King Mithridates of Pontus ingested many different poisons in graduating amounts to become immune so that he couldn't be poisoned by his enemies. When he was captured, he tried to commit suicide by poisoning himself but failed because he was immune.

22. Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon's brother) lived in New Jersey after having been King of Spain, Sicily, and Naples. He lived by selling off his jewelry and eventually moved back to Europe where he died and was buried near his brother.

23. Alboin, King of the Lombards took his wife Rosamund as a spoil of war after he killed her father in war. At one point he made her drink from her father's skull, which he kept as a trophy and fashioned into a mug, telling her to "drink merrily with your father." She had him assassinated.

24. In 539 BC, Persian King Cyrus the Great issued the first ever decree on human rights. He freed slaves, declared that all people had the right to choose their own religion, and established racial equality.

25. The Korean writing system known as Hangul was introduced by King Sejong in the 1440s to improve literacy. The difficulty of Chinese characters favored privileged aristocrats, whereas Sejong's phonetic alphabet allowed Koreans of all classes to learn how to read and write.

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  1. Unfortunately many of the facts I actually know are incomplete or totally wrong. What a pitty many of them haven’t even been checked.

  2. Love your posts!! But please double check or perhaps refrase fact nr. 97 (Lucifer one). In Isaiah, Lucifer wasn’t a “Babylonian king”. The Babylonian king was mocked at and compared to Lucifer for his pride and fall from grace.



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