The Tree-mendous Truth: 35 Facts to Bark About Trees

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26Biggest cashew tree

Biggest cashew tree

The biggest cashew tree in the world covers an area of about 80,000 square feet and produces over 60,000 fruits each year. The tree gets its size from two genetic issues, which allow branches to grow outwards instead of upwards, taking new roots when touching the ground.

27. One of the most dangerous trees in the world is the manchineel tree found in Florida and the Caribbean. Its sap is so poisonous and acidic that merest contact with human skin causes a breakout of blisters, and blindness can occur if it touches a person's eyes.

28. One olive tree can produce around four liters of oil every year for hundreds of years.

29. The ant tree is also known as a “novice tree” because only someone unfamiliar with the tree would dare touch it and will soon discover that the ants that live inside it are aggressive and venomous.

30. The Sandbox Tree, also known as the Dynamite Tree, is covered in spikes, full of poison, and grows exploding fruits.

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31Artificial trees

Artificial trees

Columbia University has developed an artificial tree that passively soaks up carbon dioxide from the air using “leaves” that are 1,000 times more efficient than true leaves that use photosynthesis.

32. The peanut butter tree is a tropical tree that smells like peanut butter and produces fruit that tastes like it as well.

33. Moringa tree leaves contain all of the essential amino acids, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, more Vitamin A than carrots, and their seeds have been shown to purify water.

34. The original Bramley apple tree planted in 1809, from which all Bramley apple trees are cloned, is still alive, but dying from a fungal infection.

35. There was a solitary tree in the Sahara Desert, keeping itself alive by a 110-feet deep root system, until a drunk driver managed to ram his truck into it.

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