Random Fact Sheet #73 – 40 Strangest Facts You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

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1Eternal memorial reef

Eternal memorial reef

If you choose cremation, you can have your ashes made into a rock to form the base of an “eternal memorial reef” so that you can help coral reefs bloom after you’ve died.

2. Director Guillermo del Toro owns a house called, 'Bleak House' in which there is a room with a never-ending rainstorm projected onto all windows and audio to match. He often uses this room to write.

3. TLC planned to make a reality show about NASCAR wives but canceled it before airing because the wives got along too well.

4. Although the crew of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood rarely talked to Fred off the set, and mercilessly made fun of him behind his back, while he was rehearsing with his puppets before each show, these same men would sneak into the studio and ask his puppets for personal advice, which Fred kindly gave.

5. In 480 B.C., King Xerxes I of Persia built bridges to invade Greece. But a storm destroyed these bridges. Enraged, King Xerxes threw chains in the sea, whipped the sea 300 times and burned it with red-hot irons as his men shouted at the water. The next bridge built was not destroyed.

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6Banqiao Dam

Banqiao Dam

171,000 people perished in 1975 in China due to the collapse of the Banqiao Dam, an event hidden from the world until 2005.

7. After the Colossus of Rhodes snapped at the knees and fell over onto the city after an earthquake, the remains lay untouched for over 800 years. Even broken, the Colossus was so impressive that many people traveled just to see the pieces.

8. The hill in the Windows XP desktop photo (Bliss) was actually part of a vineyard that had recently been destroyed by a bug infestation.

9. The character Mark from Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" is named after Matt Damon, who Tommy believed was named Mark Damon.

10. The former tallest and oldest Cypress tree (The Senator) on Earth, estimated to be 3,500 years old, was burned down after a woman tried to smoke meth under it.

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11US soldiers

US soldiers

In 2010, a group of US soldiers used to kill teenagers in Afghanistan for fun. Pictures can be seen of them smiling with their "trophy" just like people used to do with wild animal killings.

12. All male Astronauts going to the International Space Station from Russia are required to pee on a bus tire prior to launch, a tradition started by Yuri Gagarin.

13. The trippy patterns that you see when you shut your eyes tightly are called phosphenes. They are caused by electrical charge produced in the retina and/or mechanical stimuli such as rubbing your eyes.

14. In 532 A.D., 30,000 rioters were killed and half of Constantinople was destroyed in the Nika Riots, over a conflict with chariot racing.

15. You don’t forget things you did when you were drunk, your brain just never recorded the memories as the events happened.

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16Neighbor's cat

Neighbor's cat

In 2017, a Florida man shot neighbor's cat because it 'looked at him like he owned the place'.

17. Thomas Edison paid his son Thomas Edison Jr. an allowance of $35.00 a week ($925.25 in 2017) to not use the Edison name to sell his snake oil products.

18. In 1995, China set out to return a desert (Loess plateau) bigger than France back to a flourishing ecosystem after centuries of desertification to combat dust storms, flooding and boost the local economy.

19. The world's first ever half-hour, completely computer-animated TV series was the Canadian show ReBoot.

20. Humans can gain the ability to see ultraviolet light. We simply have a layer in our eyes which filters it out. Individuals who suffer eye damage from disease, injury or surgery have sometimes gained the ability to distinguish ultraviolet light.

21James Smithson

James Smithson

James Smithson, the founding donor of the Smithsonian Institute, was English and never actually stepped foot in the United States. His reasoning behind leaving such a vast inheritance to a foreign country is unknown.

22. In 1973, a volcano erupted on the Icelandic island of Heimaey. Rather than fleeing to safety, the residents of the island sprayed the advancing lava flow with seawater in order to form a wall and direct the lava into the sea.

23. The shaka or 'hang loose' gesture originated when a Hawaiian named Hamana Kalili lost his three middle fingers in a sugar mill accident.

24. A Melbourne woman posted a photo on Facebook of a "creep" she claimed was taking photos of her children in a shopping center, and it was shared thousands of times. The man had actually taken a selfie at a Star Wars store display set up for people to take selfies

25. The Church of Scientology had a prolific espionage group called the "Guardian's Office" that was dedicated to infiltrating the United States government to steal or destroy confidential records and spread propaganda.


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