Random Fact Sheet #73 – 40 Strangest Facts You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

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26Captain Charles Boycott

Captain Charles Boycott

The term "Boycott" came from the Irish Land War when absentee landlord Captain Charles Boycott was subject to social ostracism in 1880 when he attempted to evict eleven tenants from the land.

27. In Singapore, a $17,000 Mitsubishi car is sold at $104,000 due to taxes and fees imposed on the automotive industry by the Singaporean government, in an effort to limit traffic congestion and air pollution.

28. German chocolate cake was made by an American whose last name was "German".

29. The Library of Alexandria was one of the largest ancient stores of knowledge that was burned down, losing anywhere between 40,000 - 400,000 scrolls. It is said that even today, scholars still mourn its loss as one of the largest known scholarly losses of all time.

30. The TV show 'Black Mirror' derives its name from the reflection you see in a switched off screen or monitor.

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31Ed Sheeran and Elton John

Ed Sheeran  and Elton John

When Ed Sheeran won a Grammy in 2013 for "The A-Team" he wasn't deemed famous enough to perform alone so Elton John insisted on a duet with him.

32. Albert Einstein worked until a few hours before his death, and he left 12 pages on his bedside. The last line in those pages was the last equation he ever wrote.

33. Vin Diesel is a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan and has even written a D&D guide in the past.

34. On average, more than 6000 cell phones are lost in Walt Disney World every year.

35. In France, it is illegal to publish photographs of a handcuffed suspects, as they are not to appear guilty until proven so.

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36Teenie Hodges

Teenie Hodges

In 2000, "Take Me To The River" was used in the popular animatronic singing toy "Big Mouth Billy Bass". According to Teenie Hodges, he made more money in royalties from that version than from any previous versions.

37. One bite from the Lone Star Tick can cause a permanent allergy to meat.

38. J.K.Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was originally written for the charity Comic Relief. 80% of the cover price goes to charity, and sales of the book has raised $30 million since 2001.

39. The longest palindromic word included in the Oxford English Dictionary is tattarrattat, meaning a knock at the door. It was coined by James Joyce in "Ulysses."

40. The Deep Scattering Ocean Layer was initially mistaken by early sonar for the seabed. It turned out to be composed of millions of deep-sea fish.


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