Random Fact Sheet #34- 30 Quirky Facts to Keep You on Your Toes

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NASA does not have an official protocol for what to do with an astronaut's body if one were to die in space.

27. Licca-Chan is a doll considered to be the Japanese equivalent to Barbie, enjoying more success in Japan due to appealing to 'sensibilities' that Barbie didn't carry since 1967.

28. From 1860-1916, the British army required every soldier to have a mustache.

29. When smoking was allowed on aircraft, engineers used nicotine stains on the outside of planes to detect microscopic cracks in the fuselage. Now that smoking is banned, these cracks have become much more difficult to detect.

30. Billionaires in London are building "Iceberg Mansions" where most of the home is below ground.



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