Random #264 – 50 Interesting Random Facts

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26 Hay


If farmers don’t properly dry the hay they are baling, the hay bales can spontaneously combust.

27. Mitchell Kriegman, the creator of “Clarissa Explains It All” had a strict rule about not allowing the color purple onset, requiring parts of the set to be repainted. When asked about this rule, he revealed that it was completely arbitrary, only existing to make him seem more assertive as someone new in the business.

28. The early versions of the Easy-Bake Oven, a child’s toy that allows children to bake small treats, used incandescent lightbulbs as their heat source. That’s because these bulbs were so inefficient that only 5% of the electricity they used produced light. The rest produced heat.

29. Children commonly develop an accent closer to that of their peers than their parents’ native accent. There have been no recorded cases of children speaking with a foreign accent that they have not been exposed to.

30. Barbie has parents, 8 siblings (2 of which are now discontinued), and chose never to have children.

31 Raindrop


It takes approximately 7 minutes for a raindrop to fall from the cloud to the ground.

32. Nurses have a rate of depression double that of the general public. They often might choose not to get treated since they believe it can affect their job and because of the stigma, they might face.

33. In USA, more than 90% of the defendants in criminal cases plead guilty rather than go to trial.

34. The word “Walkman” became so popular in the German language as a generic term for a personal stereo that in 2002 the Austrian Supreme Court ruled that any brand, not just Sony, could use that word to describe such a device.

35. Falling asleep during summer or in hot environments is harder because our body temperature lowers 1 to 2 degrees when we sleep. The optimal room temperature for falling asleep is around 18.3°C or 65°F.

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36 Orangutans


Orangutans are very gentle and solitary animals. Males live 90% of their long lifespans alone, only spending a few days with a female to mate before going back into seclusion.

37. Background singers in the Beatles’ song ‘All You Need Is Love’ included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marianne Faithfull, Keith Moon, Graham Nash, and Eric Clapton.

38. One of the reasons the highest rank in the US army is “General of the Army” instead of Field Marshall (as in other countries) was to avoid insulting Gen. George Marshall by calling him Field Marshal Marshall.

39. The National Defence Corps Incident was a death march that occurred in the winter of 1951 during the Korean War. The South Korean force of 406,000 suffered 300,000 casualties from starvation, disease, and mass desertion due to High ranking officers embezzling funds earmarked for the purchase of food supplies.

40. “The Lost Chord” was a song composed by Arthur Sullivan in 1877 at the bedside of his dying brother. It was recorded onto Edison’s phonograph in 1888, one of the first recordings of music ever made. The piece has endured as one of Sullivan’s best-known songs as it is still performed today.

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41 Nimatron


The first ever computer game created was Nim, which was released in April 1940 on a computer called the Nimatron, which weighed over a ton. Its designer was a nuclear physicist and quantum mechanics pioneer who later participated in the Manhattan Project. It was played nearly 100,000 times, with the computer winning ~90% of the time.

42. Jim Corbett was a British hunter, tracker, and naturalist who hunted and killed a number of man-eating tigers and leopards. One tiger he had killed, the Champawat tiger, had killed an estimated 436 people, which is the highest number of people killed by a single tiger.

43. It is illegal to sell products measured in non-metric units in New Zealand, however, a ‘pint of beer’ is an exception because it is considered a description rather than a volume.

44. In 1789, George Washington borrowed a book named The Law of Nations by Emer de Vattel from the New York Society Library and never returned it. In 2010, Mount Vernon staff returned the book 221 years late, by which time the overdue fine had reached $300,000, adjusted for inflation. The fine was waived.

45. “Zombies” first appeared on movie screens in a 1919 French film called J’accuse. Director Abel Gance used soldiers on leave from fighting in Verdun to portray “an army of the dead.”

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46 Anton’s syndrome

Anton's syndrome

Anton’s syndrome is a mental disorder in which people suffering from it believe they can see when in fact they are cortically blind. They can’t be convinced otherwise though and will be very offended if you point their blindness out. They will start confabulating/making things up when asked what exactly they are seeing.

47. Bones produce piezoelectricity when stress is applied and forms electrical dipoles that attract osteoblasts. Osteoblasts deposit calcium and other minerals on the part of the bone that is stressed which increases the density of the bone.

48. Although pandas have switched to a bamboo only diet for 2.4 million years, they have experienced little to no changes in their digestive system and are completely able to eat and digest meat.

49. In 2008, Japanese researchers discovered a protein that helps carry electrical impulses from the eye to the brain. They named it Pikachurin in reference to the electric-type Pokémon named Pikachu.

50. All of the world’s four deepest caves are located in Abkhazia. The record-holder is Veryovkina Cave, which goes down at least 1.3 miles. Due to the hazards and need for specialized rope techniques, “the round trip —top to bottom and back— takes professional speleologists about a week.”

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