Grimm to Gory: The Gruesome Origins of 30 Fairy Tale Classics

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26Emperor's Rainforest Destruction

Emperor's Rainforest Destruction

In the original ending of the Inca-inspired animated film "The Emperor's New Groove," the titular Emperor demolishes a rainforest to build a theme park. Sting, a defender of indigenous rights, threatened to leave the project unless the ending was changed.

27. The Italian fairy tale "Petrosinella" (later known as "Rapunzel") includes an enchantress who discovers the pregnant mother's craving for rapunzel, a type of plant. In exchange for rapunzel, the enchantress demands the newborn child as payment.

28. In the German fairy tale "The Juniper Tree," a wicked stepmother decapitates her stepson, cooks him into a stew, and unknowingly serves it to his father. The boy is later resurrected as a bird and seeks justice against his stepmother.

29. The Pied Piper of Hamelin is based on a real event. Evidence suggests that a large group of young families from the German town of Hamelin migrated together to settle new lands in Poland. Over time, the "children of Hamelin" became intertwined with the story, while the rats were a later addition.

30. Lang Bobi Suzi, a Belizean folk tale, features a female monster who punishes naughty children by whipping them with her giant breasts if they refuse to obey her commands.

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