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231. WONDER WOMAN-Wonder Woman has a black sister named Nubia. She was sculpted from black clay just as Diana was sculpted from white clay.


232. MANSFIELD CUMMING-British spies used semen as invisible ink during WWI and this method was invented by Sir Mansfield Cumming.


233. CROW GIFTS-Eight-year-old Gabi Mann of Seattle, Washington receives gifts from crows in her garden. She feeds the crows regularly and little ‘treasures’ are given in return including a miniature silver ball, a black button, a blue paper clip, a yellow bead, a blue Lego piece, and a pearl colored heart.


234. NIKOLA TESLA-There is a statue of Nikola Tesla in Silicon Valley that radiates free Wi-Fi.


235. SPACESUITS-Spacesuits take 5,000 hours to make and cost around $1 million.


236. BRITISH POUNDS-The British pound is the world's oldest currency still in use - it is 1200 years old.


237. CAREGIVERS-In 2006, the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia launched a $1.2 million program to retrain prostitutes as nursing-home caregivers. A supporter explained they had 'good people skills, aren't easily disgusted, and have zero fear of physical contact.'


238. LEFT HAND BASEBALL-In baseball, a left-handed specialist is a relief pitcher who throws left-handed and specializes in pitching to left-handed batters. They frequently enjoy long careers since their pitching arm suffers less stress.


239. ULCER-To prove that stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, Barry Marshall drank broth filled with infectious bacteria, got ulcers, then cured himself with antibiotics. In 2005, he won a Nobel Prize.


240. HIGHEST EARNING ATHLETE-The highest earning athlete of all time was a Roman charioteer named Gaius Appuleius Diocles. Adjusted, he earned approximately $15 billion in prize money alone.



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  1. Would you mind if I started to post these facts on iFunny? I really think people would love them and I would of course credit and link your website.

  2. Your page (re)numbering makes it almost impossible to find something on your site. The search option doesn’t seem very helpful.. I tried to search for Harris Rosen or Fact #62 after seeing it on Bored Panda, but had to do a brute force search to find this page…

  3. I just went through all the facts pages. A few things I’ve noticed:
    1. #451-#470 (pgs 46 & 47) have images that are broken.
    2. #841-#1140 (pgs 85-114) are complete duplicates of earlier pages.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback. Last night we implemented a new page numbering system for our fact cards. I really messed up with facts #451-#470 which I have fixed now. I have fixed the other problem too.

  4. Just stumbled onto your site via an Imgur post. Cool stuff.

    Re. one of the citations above: “The oldest D20 dice was uncovered in Egypt…”

    One “die,” many “dice.” The headline in the source given had it right; “Ancient d20 die emerges from the ashes of time.”

    Credibility is always enhanced by proper grammar.


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