Eerie Apparitions: 50 Bizarre Ghosts From Around the World

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21 Kishi (Nigeria)

Kishi (Nigeria)

The Kishi is a malevolent ghost or shape-shifter in Nigerian Yoruba folklore. It is said to have the ability to transform into a hyena or other animal. Kishi often preys on humans by luring them into isolated areas before revealing its true form and attacking. This folklore serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of deception and hidden malevolence. To protect against Kishi, people often rely on talismans and charms.

22 Tokoloshe (Southern Africa)

Tokoloshe (Southern Africa)

The Tokoloshe is a mythical creature or ghost in the folklore of various Southern African cultures, including the Zulu and Xhosa peoples. It is often depicted as a small, grotesque humanoid figure with shaggy hair and sharp teeth. Tokoloshe are mischievous and malevolent entities that can cause harm and mischief, such as terrorizing households or attacking individuals in their sleep. To protect against Tokoloshe, people place their beds on bricks or hire traditional healers to ward off these supernatural threats.

23 Domovoi (Russia and Slavic countries)

Domovoi (Russia and Slavic countries)

The Domovoi is a household spirit in Slavic folklore, particularly in Russia. It is believed to reside in the home and is considered the guardian of the household. Domovoi can be benevolent or mischievous, depending on how well the family treats them. They are often depicted as small, bearded old men in traditional clothing. Offerings of milk, bread, and respect are made to appease the Domovoi and ensure household harmony.

24 Strigoi (Romania)

Strigoi (Romania)

Strigoi are vampire-like beings found in Romanian folklore. These creatures are believed to be the restless souls of the deceased who return to the living world. Strigoi can take on various forms, including that of wolves, and are known for their thirst for blood and ability to cause harm to the living. Garlic, holy symbols, and stakes through the heart are used as protective measures against Strigoi.

25 Koschei the Deathless (Russia)

Koschei the Deathless (Russia)

Koschei the Deathless is a malevolent and immortal sorcerer in Russian folklore. He is often depicted as a skeletal figure with supernatural powers. Koschei is known for hiding his soul in a needle, which is in an egg, which is in a duck, which is in a hare, which is in an iron chest, which is buried under a green oak tree on a distant island. To defeat Koschei, one must find and break the needle, thus rendering him mortal.

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26 Baba Yaga (Russia and Eastern Europe)

Baba Yaga (Russia and Eastern Europe)

Baba Yaga is a famous witch-like figure in Russian and Eastern European folklore. She is depicted as an old, haggard woman who lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs. Baba Yaga is known for her unpredictable and often dangerous nature. She may help or harm those who seek her out, depending on their intentions and wit. She often tests visitors with difficult tasks, and those who succeed may receive her aid.

27 Lamia (Bulgaria and Greece)

Lamia (Bulgaria and Greece)

Lamia is a supernatural being found in Balkan and Greek folklore. She is often depicted as a seductive woman with the lower body of a snake. Lamia is associated with child abduction and the consumption of children. She is believed to be a vengeful spirit, particularly targeting newborns. Protective amulets and rituals are used to ward off Lamia and protect infants.

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28 Bean-Nighe (Scotland)

Bean-Nighe (Scotland)

The Bean-Nighe is a female spirit found in Scottish folklore. She is often seen near bodies of water, such as streams or lochs, where she is said to be washing the shrouds of those who are about to die. The Bean-Nighe is considered an omen of death and is known for her mournful wailing. Some believe that she may grant a wish or reveal information about the future to those who approach her cautiously.

29 The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui (Scotland)

The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui (Scotland)

The Grey Man is a spectral figure associated with Scotland’s Ben MacDhui mountain. Those who claim to have encountered him describe a tall, shadowy figure that follows them, often in conditions of extreme fog or snowstorms. The Grey Man is believed to be a guardian spirit or a trickster entity, depending on various accounts.

30 El Silbón (Venezuela)

El Silbón (Venezuela)

El Silbón, also known as “The Whistler,” is a malevolent ghostly figure from Venezuelan folklore. He is said to roam the countryside, whistling a haunting tune. El Silbón is associated with misdeeds and murder, often targeting those who have committed immoral acts. His eerie whistling is believed to foretell his arrival, and hearing it is considered a bad omen.

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