David Bowie: 20 Remarkable Facts About The King of Glam Rock

11Berlin Wall performance

David Bowie once performed at the Berlin Wall, while East Germans gathered to listen behind. He said “And we would hear them cheering and singing along from the other side. God, even now I get choked up. It was breaking my heart. I’d never done anything like that in my life, and I guess I never will again.”

12Let’s Dance

The late great Stevie Ray Vaughn got his ‘mainstream’ start playing with Bowie, playing on his studio album “Let’s Dance.” Stevie was one of the best blues guitarists ever, and if it weren’t for his time in Bowie’s band, who knows if we’d know who he was.

13Queen and Bowie

Queen’s collaboration with David Bowie on ‘Under Pressure’ wasn’t planned. Bowie just happened to be by the studio while Queen were recording the song.

14Freddie Mercury

An unknown Freddie Mercury, at that time a London shoe stall assistant, fitted David Bowie for a pair of boots, over 10 years before “Under Pressure” was recorded.

15Nat Tate

David Bowie and William Boyd created a fictional (hoax) artist called Nat Tate with an aim to expose the pretensions of the art world.

16Heteropoda davidbowie

There is a spider named after David Bowie, the ‘Heteropoda davidbowie.’


After David Bowie released his album ‘Low’, Nick Lowe responded by releasing an album named ‘Bowi.’

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18Mark David Chapman

David Bowie was next on a hit list of targets of John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman.


The Moonwalk pre-dates Michael Jackson by at least 50 years, having been performed by James Brown, David Bowie, Dick Van Dyke, and Cab Calloway.

20The pit

David Bowie once kept a four-foot-deep, fur-covered bed nicknamed “the pit” in his living room for orgies with famous friends.


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