Dark World of Serial Killers: 27 More Haunting Facts – Part 3

1Randy Woodfield

Randy Woodfield

Serial killer Randy Woodfield was actually drafted by the NFL to play for the Green Bay Packers but was cut due to a series of indecent exposure arrests. He would go on to become the I-5 Killer and is thought to have been responsible for over 40 murders along Interstate 5 from 1980-81.

2Wayne McGray

Wayne McGray

When Canadian serial killer Wayne McGray was sentenced, he said “Just because I’m locked up in segregation doesn’t mean I can’t kill somebody”. Ten years into his sentence, he killed a cellmate.

3Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan was a serial killer nurse who confessed to killing 31 people. She was caught in 1901. She would poison patients, then lay with them and hold them close as they died. She also fondled them as they died. She even poisoned herself to evoke the sympathy of men she was courting.

4Samuel Green

Samuel Green

Samuel Green was America’s first known serial killer. Born in 1796 and executed in Boston in 1822, Green killed people all over New England but his total body count is unknown. Later, he was the first killer whose crimes psychologists attributed in part to horrific abuse during childhood.

5Irina Gaidamachuk

Irina Gaidamachuk

A Russian serial killer named Irina Gaidamachuk would murder her victims with an ax before robbing them. When caught by police Gaidamachuk stated that she committed the murder-robberies to pay for vodka to feed her alcohol addiction, as her husband refused to give her money for it.

6Cary Anthony Stayner

Cary Anthony Stayner

Serial killer Cary Anthony Stayner who was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of four women in 1999, is the older brother of Steven Stayner, the child kidnapping victim whose case was made famous in the TV miniseries “I Know My First Name Is Steven.”

7Robert Berdella

Robert Berdella

Robert Berdella a.k.a the Butcher of Kansas City was a little known serial killer from the 1980s. He is known to have tortured and killed 6 men and as many as 20 people. He injected drain cleaner in their throats to silence their screams while he was at work.

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8Harvey Glatman

Harvey Glatman

Serial killer Harvey Glatman used to present himself as a photographer for pulp fiction magazines to find his victims and take photos of them tied before they even knew they were kidnapped.

9Bruce McArthur

Bruce McArthur

Bruce McArthur, Toronto's most notorious (and oldest, at 66 years old) serial killer operated as a landscaper during the summer, and a mall Santa Claus during the winter. He eventually pled guilty to 8 counts of the homicide of gay men in the Toronto area.

10Archibald Hall

Archibald Hall

A butler named Archibald Hall was a Scottish serial killer and thief who was active in the 1970s. While working for the British aristocracy, he stole from and killed several of his employers and fellow house staff.

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