91 Genial Facts About Germany Few Enthusiasts Know About

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1Christmas football game

Christmas football game

During the Christmas of 1914 (World War 1), a truce was held between Germany and the UK. They decorated their shelters, exchanged gifts across no man’s land and played a game of football between themselves.

2. Deer in the Czech Republic don't cross into Germany, following the example of parents who learned to avoid the electrified fence there during the Cold War.

3. Germany has a program targeted at pedophiles, who have yet to commit crimes. The goal is to help them find treatment because many don't want to harm others.

4. Engineers builded a bridge (High Rhine Bridge) between Germany and Switzerland found that when the two halves met their elevations differed by 54 cm. Germany bases sea level on the North Sea, and Switzerland by the Mediterranean; someone messed up the correction, doubling it instead of canceling it out.

5. The population of Germany is in decline. It has fallen by 2 million in the last decade.

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6Scientology religion

Scientology religion

Germany doesn’t recognize Scientology as a religion.

7. There is a building project (House of One) in Berlin where they want to build a Christian church, a mosque and a synagogue all in one.

8. First aid training is required to get a driver’s license in Germany, in order to ensure that in the event of an accident other drivers will be able to help.

9. Germany aims to abandon fossil fuels by 2050 and generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.

10. In Germany, your baby's name must be the one on a pre-approved list.

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11Space battle over Nuremberg

Space battle over Nuremberg

In 1561, there was a celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg. There was a reported incidence of a great space battle over Germany in the middle ages. It is said that there was even a crash landing outside the town.

12. Bars in the Veltins-Arena, a major football ground in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, are interconnected by a 5-kilometre (3.1 mi) long beer pipeline.

13. Hosting the 2006 World Cup caused Germany to experience a baby boom. Nine months after the football competition, the birthrate in Germany was up to 30% higher compared with the same period in the year before.

14. In Germany, there are fake bus stops outside many nursing homes to prevent confused senior citizens from wandering off.

15. Germany has one of the most progressive waste disposal systems in the world, in which nearly 70% of waste is recycled and most of the remainder is clearly incinerated to generate power.

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16HARIBO factory

HARIBO factory

Every autumn you can exchange chestnuts and acorns against gummy bears at the HARIBO factory in Germany because the founder was a passionate hunter and wanted to give even poor children the opportunity for some free sweets

17. In 2009, archaeologists unearthed the oldest musical instruments ever found, flutes that inhabitants of southwestern Germany laboriously carved from bone and ivory at least 35,000 years ago.

18. Germany is the only country in which the McRib is available all year round

19. There is a water bridge across the river Elbe in Germany. It is 1km long, 34m wide and allows cargo ships to cross the river.

20. In Germany, Father’s Day is celebrated by the group of men going hiking with one or more smaller wagons filled with wine or beer and traditional regional food. Many use this day to get drunk, and alcohol-related traffic accidents multiply by three on this day.

21Therme Erding

Therme Erding

There is a water park (Therme Erding) in Germany that has banned women from using an extreme water slide because it has caused genital injury to 6 women.

22. The seal “made in Germany” was created by the British Parliament in 1887 to warn consumers that a product was of poor quality.

23. There is a suspended monorail (Wuppertal Suspension Railway) in Germany that was built in 1897 and still moves 25 million passengers annually.

24. Burma-Shave once offered a free trip to Mars in exchange for 900 empty Burma-Shave jars. One man (Arliss French) duly collected 900 jars and was sent to Moers, Germany (they pronounced "Mars" instead of Moers).

25. Franz Stigler, a German ace fighter pilot who risked his life to spare and then save the lives of 9 Americans by escorting their injured B-17 bomber out of Germany. The incident would later be called "the most incredible encounter between enemies in World War II."


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