85 Fascinating Facts about NBA

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76Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and wrote a novel focusing on Sherlock Holmes' Brother Mycroft.

77. NBA player Allen Iverson signed a lifetime endorsement contract with Reebok in 2001 that would pay him $800,000 a year until he reaches age 55 to where he would then receive a final lump sum payment of $32,000,000.

78. The reason NBA teams have the white home jersey rule mainly due to the fact in the early days away teams didn't have laundry facilities so they would wear darker clothes to hide dirt.

79. David Robinson, one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time, graduated from the Naval Academy and was drafted into the NBA in 1987 but waited two years to enter so he could fulfill his service contract to the Navy.

80. Actor Chuck Connors,(The Rifleman) was one of only 12 athletes in the history of American professional sports to have played for both the NBA and MLB. He was also credited as the first pro basketball player to break a backboard.

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81Steve Nash

Steve Nash

After winning back-to-back MVP awards, NBA star Steve Nash spent the summer of 2008 working as an unpaid intern in Manhattan.

82. NBA player Kris Humphries was once a better swimmer than Michael Phelps.

83. According to a study done at Arizona State white males are 75% more likely to make it to the NBA if they come from a wealthy home

84. Crime in Chicago drops 15% when the Bears are on NFL Monday Night Football; smaller drops occur during NBA and MLB games. All crime types are affected especially drugs. A 25% drop during Super Bowls is partially counterbalanced by increased crime before and after games.

85. The NBA player who scored the most points in the '80s wasn't Bird, Magic, Jordan or anyone with a shoe named after them. It was Alex English, who only led his team to the Conference Finals once and never played in the NBA finals


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