81 Super Facts About DC Comics Universe For the Nerd Inside You

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1John Stewart

John Stewart

As a Green Lantern, John Stewart refused to wear a mask, simply stating upon receiving his, “this black man lets it all hangout!

2. According to the comic book “Superboy #83,” Superman owns every album by the band Metallica on CD, his favorite being “Justice For All”.

3. Frank Miller considered writing a Wonder Woman origin comic similar to his own “Batman: Year One,” titled, “Wonder Woman Bondage”, some pretty offensive artwork was produced to test DC Comic’ comfortability with the project but it was eventually abandoned.

4. When questioned about DC Comics’ lack of minority comic book characters, the company’ Source Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler stated that DC had a large and diverse cast of “green, pink, and blue characters.”

5. In many versions of Batman media, the Joker’s cell block at Arkham Asylum in 0801, which spells out “HA” when the numbers are converted into their alphabet equivalent.

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61997 Superman comic

1997 Superman comic

In a 1997 issue of “Superman,” Clark Kent and Lois Lane attended a Halloween party dressed up as Batman and Robin respectively

7. Before going to air, the 1966 Batman television series received the lowest test score ratings from selected audience in the history of the ABC network and was not expected to succeed.

8. Frank Miller’s anti-Islamic, critically panned graphic novel, Holy Terror, was originally developed at DC Comics as a “piece of propaganda” starring Batman, in which the Caped Crusader would fight Al Qaeda in Gotham City.

9. The mask worn by the Joker in the first scene of The Dark Knight was inspired by the makeup the Joker used to disguise himself in his first episode of the 1965 Batman television series “The Joker is Wild.”

10. Batman’s willpower is so strong that he’s capable of operating a Green Lantern ring when necessary, something considered practically impossible for average individuals.

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11Clark Kent

Clark Kent

When disguised as Clark Kent, Superman slouches to make himself look several inches shorter and deliberately wears baggy clothes to hide his physique. He also wears glasses that alter the color of his eyes. He also changes the pitch of his voice.

12. Clark Kent was initially chosen to become a Green Lantern by Abi Sur’s ring but was rejected because he wasn’t native to Earth.

13. The city of Melbourne was almost called "Batmania" after one of it's founding fathers: John Batman.

14. There are many types of kryptonite, including pink kryptonite which turns Superman gay.

15. Aquaman’s trident is an indestructible magical weapon that grants him great powers and divine right to rule the sea. With it, he can manipulate water (create tidal waves or whirlpools), control the weather, disperse energy in the form of bolts and forcefields or just use it to stab his foes.

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16Batman's "no kill policy"


In the early renditions, Batman hadn’t adopted his “no kill” policy and was known to kill villains if it was necessary.

17. It has been stated in various ‘Justice League’ comics that Wonder Woman can never be paired with Plastic Man on a mission, as he has been known to sexually harass his female colleagues in the past. For example, not only has he transformed into objects in Wonder Woman’s room just to watch her change clothes, but he even once transformed into a dress and tricked Big Barda into wearing it.

18. Martian Manhunter possess a vast amount of superhuman strength comparable to Superman’s strength, easily making him one of the physically strongest beings on the planet. He has even shown to hurt Superboy-Prime and has even taken blows from enemies whose strength surpass Superman, such as Despero. He also has a psycho-somatic weakness to fire, stemming from the traumatic, fire-related destruction of the Martian race.

19. Because Green Lantern’s ring has no power over the color yellow, Batman and Robin painted themselves and an entire room yellow before confronting him in “All Star Batman and Robin.”

20. Mogo is a member of the Green Lantern corps is an actual sentient planet.

21Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy

In the film, The Dark Knight, the man who shouted "we are not intimidated by thugs," to the Joker, was actually Patrick Leahy, the senior senator from Vermont and a self-confessed batman fan. He has appeared in a cameo role for every other Batman film since Batman Forever.

22. The kryptonite ring is worn by Lex Luthor eventually gave him cancer and his right hand had to be amputated.

23. The first Batmobile made its debut in 1941. It was a 1936 Cord convertible.

24. In some old Batman comics, Joker also uses a utility belt. It contains various gag items including exploding cigarettes, hand buzzers, playing cards, flower pellets, snake pellets, sneezing powder, itching powder, and Mexican jumping beans.

25. In 1981, ‘Batman vs The Incredible Hulk’ crossover comic, despite his relative lack of brute strength, the Dark Knight successfully defeats the Hulk in combat.


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