80 Sporty Facts about NFL

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76Insurance companies

Insurance companies

The NFL sued over three dozen insurance companies in an attempt to cover the claims that players made against the league for failing to protect players from brain injury

77. Austin, Texas is the biggest city in the United States without a team in the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL despite being the 13th most populated city in the country.

78. In 1982 an icy field caused an NFL game to be scoreless into the 4th quarter. With less than 5 minutes left, the home team called a timeout so that a snowplow could clear a small section of field for their kicker. They won 3-0 and snow plows were subsequently banned from NFL games.

79. Former NFL player Al Cowlings, who drove OJ Simpson in the Ford Bronco chase, held a press conference during the murder trial where he announced a $2/minute 900 phone number where he would answer questions on everything other than the murder and trial. He reportedly made over $1 million

80. The NFL only has one female official, Sarah Thomas

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