80 Scary Facts about Snakes

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1Southern Copperhead  

Southern Copperhead   

The venom of Southern Copperhead, one most poisonous snake, has been found to contain a protein that halts the growth of cancer cells and stops the migration of tumors.

2. Rattlesnakes are evolving not to rattle. Previously, they rattled to avoid being stepped on by hoofed animals. Now they have learned to remain hidden and quiet to avoid being hunted by humans.

3. Japan makes a particular type of booze that is made by drowning a Pit Viper in alcohol. The snake is put on ice until it passes out, at which point it is gutted and sewed up. When the viper is thawed, it awakens and quickly dies in an aggressive striking pose.

4. One bite from the snake called Boomslang can cause you to bleed from all openings in your body.

5. Australia is the only continent where venomous snakes actually outnumber the non-venomous ones.

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6Parricide punishment

Parricide punishment

An Ancient Roman punishment for the crime of parricide (the killing of a parent) was to severely scourge the criminal, sew them into a stout leather bag with a dog, a snake, a rooster, and a monkey, then throw the bag into the river.

7. In 2000, a partially paralyzed 75-year-old named Coolidge Winesett from Southwest Virginia was in his outhouse pit when the floor of it suddenly gave way. He fell through and was surrounded with excrement, urine, snakes, spiders, maggots and rats. He was stuck and it was over 3 days before the mailman found him alive in the pit.

8. The Boa Constrictor is the only living animal which is commonly known by its full Latin name, boa constrictor. The only other example is the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex.

9. The pressure in an erect penis is over 100 torr, more than what a boa constrictor uses to suffocate its prey.

10. The largest snake fossil ever discovered is called a Titanoboa. This creature lived 60 million years ago and would have been 50 feet (15 meters) long.

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11Russell viper bite

Russell viper bite

The Russell viper's bite can, in certain situations, make the victim go through a sort of reverse puberty.

12. When the English colonial government in Delhi, India put a bounty on cobras to eliminate them from the city, it resulted in a cobra population boom. The bounty was greater than the cost of breeding a cobra, and the citizens started breeding them to sell it to the government.

13. In Vietnam, it is possible to order a cobra blood wine from the restaurant menu. The waiter will take a live cobra, kill it on the spot, drain the blood into a shot glass of rice wine, and top it off with the cobra's still beating heart for you to gulp down.

14. In 2012, a Nepalese farmer named Mohammed Salmodin was bitten by a cobra and bit the cobra back. The cobra died and he went about his daily business with no symptoms as if nothing had happened. He finally agreed to go to the hospital after pressure from family, neighbors, and police.

15. The interior of spitting cobras' fangs have ridges like those inside a rifle's barrel that allow it to shoot venom further.

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16Black mamba's venom

Black mamba's venom

Before the invention of anti-venom, the black mamba had a 100% fatality rate and its victims would be dead in about 20 minutes.

17. On April 1, 2007, Google sent an email to its employees warning that a python was loose in its New York Office. It was not a joke.

18. If two rattlesnakes fight, they don’t use their fangs to poison the other.

19. In 2009, a Florida couple was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter of their daughter after their pet Burmese python escaped its cage and squeezed the two-year-old to death.

20. Rattlesnake antivenom costs $20,000 per vial. One Florida boy needed 75-80 vials, which adds up to about $1.6 million

21Rattlesnake's rattle

Rattlesnake's rattle

The muscle that causes a rattlesnake to rattle fires 50 times a second for up to 3 hours or 520,000 rattles without stopping

22. A pastor died in 1983 after handling a timber rattlesnake during a Pentecostal service. About 29 years later his son died in the exact same way.

23. Anacondas mate in a giant "breeding ball" with 1 female and up to 12 males, and they stay in that position for over a month.

24. Up until the early 1900's, there was an extensive population of Rattlesnakes in the Bronx. They were wiped out when Farmers let their pigs hunt them.

25. European Hedgehogs actually hunt Adders tiring them out by chasing them and biting them many times, then breaking their necks when the Adders can't run anymore.

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