50 Useful Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day In A Survival Situtation

26. Panthers

Panthers attack their prey from behind. If you encounter a wild panther, don’t turn your back to it.

27. If you’ve got a wound on you, even a bug bite, and see a red streak from it following your veins, you have blood poisoning.

28. If you start feeling dizzy, nauseated, light-headed, dull headache, go outside for 10 minutes. When going back inside if you starting feeling the same symptoms, it is most likely due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

29. If there’s an earthquake, do not go down or up any stairs. They collapse. Wait it out in a “safe” place such as under a sturdy object.

30. If you take antidepressants, don’t take cough suppressants. Cough suppressants increase the amount of serotonin in your brain, which is what antidepressants do too. If you have too much serotonin, you can get what’s called “serotonin syndrome.” The more medication you’ve taken, the worse it could be, and it can possibly be fatal.

31. Heart Attack in Women

Women often experience heart attacks differently than men. One of the most common symptoms is jaw pain. Shortness of breath and nausea also are common. Chest pain is still something to look for but look for these other symptoms too.

32. If your car ever gets stuck on the train tracks, look for a sign on the crossing arms. This is the “railway 911” and it has a number to call to stop traffic as well as your exact location.

33. Rhinos have very poor eyesight so they won’t see you approaching them, so when they notice you they get very scared and will start chasing you. They are much better runners than crocodiles, so outrunning them isn’t an option. However, they are not really good at changing directions mid-run, so try the zigzag pattern and you should be able to shake them off easily.

34. Hornets are angered by the white color. You might think that taking off your white shirt might work, however, remember that part of your eyes is white and they are easily angered by it, so when facing Hornets walk away from them, don’t look at them, just go. You can even run in this scenario.

35. If someone grabs you by the arm, don’t pull away. Twist your arm instead. Your arm goes (nearly) in all directions but their wrists won’t.

36. iPhone SOS

If you have an iPhone, pressing the lock-screen button five times rapidly will initiate a call to emergency services. It’s handy if you don’t want to show you have a phone by removing it from your pocket. It will dial automatically.

37. Do not inflate your life jacket before exiting the aircraft. This is especially true in the case of emergency water landings. As any air safety expert would tell you, inflating your life jacket inside a rapidly submerging airplane will cause you to float up to the cabin’s ceiling, unable to move without help. The right thing to do is to take a deep breath and swim out of the airplane with your life jacket still deflated. Only when you’re safely out of the plane should you pull the inflation cord.

38. If you’re driving and your accelerator pedal gets stuck in the down position (meaning your brakes won’t work and you will only continue to increase speed), do not turn off the engine. This will cause your steering wheel to lock up and you will very likely crash. Instead, turn on your hazards and shift into neutral to let your car gradually decrease in speed.

39. Soy sauce is deadly if consumed in large quantities at once.

40. If lost in the woods, always follow water downstream.

41. Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees (pine, spruce, cedar, balsam) are one of the greatest resources you can be blessed with.
a. Pine nuts taste good and are very nutritious. Squirrels love to hang out in them so they offer good trapping or hunting locations.
b. The inner bark of all species of pine can be eaten even in the dead of winter.
c. Resin from these trees makes amazing glue and it is an antiseptic so it can be used to seal cuts.
d. Fluffed up pine needles will catch fire very easily if they’re dead and dry.
e. Their roots make fairly durable and strong rope by themselves or can be braided, and you can easily make a friction fire from one tree.

42. Mud all over your body keeps you from being eaten alive by insects.

43. In an emergency situation you can use a crayon as a candle. It will burn up to fourteen minutes.

44. If somebody is ever trying to take you or puts a gun or knife to you to get you away in a public place, you just got to start screaming and fighting. Even if you’re shot or stabbed, at least medical attention can get to you relatively fast. If they manage to get you someplace private, your chances of rescue decreases.

45. Rule of sevens. The amount of radiation present after a nuclear explosion decreases with every seven-fold increment of time after the first hour (after 7 hours, radiation will be a tenth of what it was immediately after detonation and after 49 hours, radiation will be a tenth of that amount and so on). Providing the place you end up in still has its walls/roof intact, your best chance for survival is to make it as airtight as possible and wait. No amount of radiation is ‘safe’ but the longer you are able to stay put before moving, the better. When you finally leave, try to pick the calmest weather to move in. More wind present means more irradiated particles flying around. Cover yourself head to toe in as much gear as you can to limit exposure, and head in the opposite direction to the blast epicenter. When arriving at a more suitable location, remove all garments exposed to the elements and either wash thoroughly or bag and discard them. Wash your skin and hair as best as you are able. Do not use a conditioner. It can bind trace radioactive particles in your hair, which is bad. Soap and shampoo only. Radiation is nasty, and definitely something you want to be aware of if you managed to survive the hellfire and cyclonic wind.

46. EpiPen Use

If you have to use an EpiPen you must keep it pressed for a couple of seconds (it may vary from 3 to 10 seconds). If it doesn’t seem to work with one and if there is a second one available, use it. It won’t kill anybody.

47. If someone ever has you in a chokehold from behind, do not hyperextend/lengthen your neck. You’ll want to try and flex your head/neck forward as much as you can as if you’re trying to bring your chin to your chest. Not only are you stronger this way, but it’ll be harder/take longer for them to choke you since you don’t have your entire neck exposed.

48. Never ever mix bleach and ammonia. The result of mixing them is chloramine gas which is poisonous and can absolutely kill you.

49. If you ever go back to your car and see that there is a random object placed on your windshield, windshield wipers, rearview mirrors, etc. (Most common is a shirt wrapped around your passenger rear mirror) call your county’s emergency line and start driving without removing the object. This is a common method for kidnapping as it distracts you before you get back in your car.

50. If you’ve gone 2.5 or more days without water, and you have to choose between drinking water without any way to sanitize it or not drinking water, drink the water. If you don’t, you’ll definitely die soon. Most of the diseases you can get from bad water take a couple of days to set in, which gives you more time to find help.

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