50 Random Facts List #44

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26 Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

A Dairy Queen in Franklin, PA, has one of only four surviving Apollo command module boilerplates displayed in its front yard.

27. When North Korean leader Kim Jong-il was parodied in the film Team America: World Police (2004), the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea asked the Czech Republic to ban the film.

28. You aren’t allowed to spin your players in Foosball.

29. Elvis Presley’s autopsy and toxicology reports are the property of the Presley estate and are sealed from public view until 2027 ie., 50 years after his death.

30. Spain’s first documented serial killer, Manuel Romasanta, was raised a girl till he was 6 because his parents thought he was a female.

31 Orangutan


“Orang” in Orangutan does not refer to the color orange, but rather the Indonesian word for “person”.

32. Watermelon mosaic virus is a virus that “draws” circles on watermelons.

33. Horses cannot vomit due to the angle their esophagus enters their stomach and the muscle tone of their esophagogastric junction. If a horse does vomit it means that they are close to death.

34. In Senior Centre in Düsseldorf, the adminstrators have set up a fake bus stop as a means to keep Alzheimer’s patients from wandering off. The idea was so successful that it has been adopted by several other homes across Germany.

35. Poposicle ice pops were originally known as Epsicles, as they were invented in 1905 by 11-year-old Frank Epperson. Epperson shared the frozen treat with his kids many years later, at which point they became known as “Pop’s sickles,” leading up to a patent on the frozen treat in 1923.

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36 Ben Hawkey

Ben Hawkey

Ben Hawkey, the actor in Game of Thrones who plays Hotpie, opened his own bakery and sells Direwolf shaped bread.

37. Up until the 1600s, a “black swan” was a metaphor for something that did not exist. Then a group of Dutch explorers became the first Europeans to see black swans in Western Australia in 1697, and the phrase was amended to mean “a perceived impossibility that might later be disproven.”

38. Honeycrisp apples were developed in 1974 by the University of Minnesota and patent royalties have generated more than $10 million by 2011 for the University.

39. George R.R. Martin was an award-winning author decade before he ever became famous, with his first Hugo Award in 1975 and first Emmy nomination for producing the Beauty and the Beast TV series in 1988.

40. Usain Bolt was offered a position as a wide receiver in the NFL and rejected it due to the hits NFL players take.

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41 Human baby

Human baby

You steadily “dry out” as you age. A newborn human baby is 75% water, adult men are about 60%, adult women 55%, and elderly people are roughly half.

42. There is an Island in Louisiana named Isle de Jean Charles that has lost about 98% of its landmass due to rising sea levels. Plans are underway to relocate the remaining residents.

43. There is a ‘fake’ townhouse in Brooklyn Heights that’s actually a ventilation shaft for the subway.

44. In 2009, just in case Space Shuttle Atlantis was damaged while working on the Hubble, Endeavor was readied to launch a rescue mission. This was one of the few times both shuttle launch pads were occupied.

45. Henry Ford strongly supported Nazi’s and even received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.

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46 17th – century emoji

17th - century emoji

The world’s oldest known smiley was on a 1635 Slovakian document, indicating the writer’s happiness with the state of the Chamberlain of Trenčín’s financial records.

47. The cameraman named Brian Butler who videotaped The Station nightclub fire was there to film a planned segment on nightclub safety.

48. When the Paracutin volcano was born, it emerged so quickly that it pushed up the ground beneath people. Within 24 hours, it was 15 stories high, and by the end of the week, it was the height of the Great Pyramids.

49. A man named Jhon Jairo Popeye Velasquez who has killed more than 300 people has been released from prison on good behavior. He is now a YouTuber with over half a million subscribers.

50. The claim that North Korea could kill 90% of the American people with an EMP attack was taken from a science fiction novel.

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  1. Number 45 about Henry ford supporting the nazis should have also included his good friend Thomas Edison who was also a big supporter



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