50 Random Facts List #13

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26 Loudness War

Loudness War

The trend of increasing audio levels in recorded music since the 90’s, which critics believe reduces overall sound quality.

27. Worship of the ancient God Moloch included tossing babies into a heated bronze statue and that the Carthaginians copied this for their God Cronus.

28. The most common password in 2016 was 123456

29. George Michael had no idea why people liked Careless Whisper so much, and it was written while he was bored on a bus at the age of 17

30. Orthodox Jews are prohibited from walking past a motion sensor that will turn on a light on the Sabbath.

31 Fenn Treasure

Fenn Treasure

Two people have died searching for the Fenn Treasure, an alleged treasure chest buried in the Rocky Mountains by a rich art dealer whose goal was to get people off the couch and outdoors.

32. The word “slut” originally meant a messy or untidy woman

33. Uganda Proposed in the early 1900’s that Jews be given a homeland in British East Africa.

34. The Democratic Donkey originated from opponents of Andrew Jackson, who they frequently referred to as a jackass. Jackson rolled with it and used the donkey on his campaign posters and the image has stuck since.

35. Baltimore issued a blanket prescription for all its residents to carry Narcan

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36 Ancient dismemberment

Ancient dismemberment

An ancient execution method (and reportedly still employed in 19th century Persia) was to fasten the legs to two bent-down trees, which were then released, ripping the man in half.

37. The Russian republic of Kalmykia, is inhabited by people who have descended from Mongols that migrated in the 1600’s. It is the only region of Europe to predominantly practice Buddhism.

38. Egyptians ‘created’ modern cats through selective breeding, choosing the most sociable to keep mating

39. Shadow People: The perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, are believed to exist by some people. One author on the topic describes Shadow People as negative, alien beings, while other authors think they may be the extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe.

40. The oldest recorded joke dates back to 1900 BC and goes: “Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.”

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41 Internet Dog

Internet Dog

First published in 1993, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” is the most reproduced cartoon from The New Yorker magazine, and its title a phrase still used around the world.

42. In return for the international distribution rights for Interstellar, Warner Bro’s give Paramount a stake in a future South Park movie that may never exist

43. In the 1960’s, the CIA fired at least four employees over a cafeteria fight

44. In 1932, an English bank moved into its new headquarters at 219–229 Baker Street, London. The site was thought to include 221 B Baker Street, the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes, and for many years they employed a secretary charged with answering mail sent to Holmes at that address.

45. When a British airline advertised in the US a program to match British girls with American men visiting the UK, it found that more American women signed up hoping to meet British men.

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46 Nazi tourism

Nazi tourism

The Nazis operated the world’s largest tourism industry in the 1930s. Regardless of social class, citizens would draw lots for cabins on cruises. By the outbreak of World War 2, 25 million Germans had participated on around the world cruises.

47. The UK government notifies newspapers and TV/radio stations that a certain topic should not be publicly discussed because of national security. D-Notices are voluntary, but media generally cooperate.

48. Cars have become so quiet, automakers have resorted to playing fake engine noises from the speakers

49. Keith Moon was such a huge fan of the Beach Boys he would have quit The Who and joined the Beach Boys if asked. Even when The Who were at their most popular and the Beach Boys were in decline.

50. When Argélico Fucks, a retired Brazilian footballer, left FC Porto and joined the rival S.L. Benfica, the headline on Eurosport.com read “Fucks off to Benfica”

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