50 Random Facts List #122

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26Peter Scott

Peter Scott

Peter Scott (who described himself as Master idiot) was a burglar whose victims include Sophia Loren and the Shah of Iran. Disturbed during a heist by a woman, he shouted: "'Everything's all right, madam,' and she went off to bed thinking I was the butler." On other occasions, he would reassuringly shout "It's only me!".

27. Slav Squatting is a learned behavior attributed to Russian prison culture to avoid sitting on the cold ground.

28. Satirical news site 'The Onion' was almost "...Sued out of existence" in 1996 by Janet Jackson. The article that prompted the lawsuit? "Dying Boy Gets Wish: To Pork Janet Jackson."

29. English musician Brian Eno wrote the Windows 95 start-up sound on a macintosh.

30. Over half of the world's lentils are grown in Canada, with about 95% of that amount grown in the province of Saskatchewan alone.

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31Setagaya family

Setagaya family

In December 2000, a family in Setagaya, Japan was killed in their home. After killing the family, the murderer used the family computer, ate ice cream, used the bathroom, and left his pullover behind before leaving. Although the police have the suspect's DNA and a possible description, the case remains unsolved.

32. A woman who was being held at knifepoint by her boyfriend got help from authorities by typing "911hostage help!" in the comments section of a Pizza Hut online order.

33. Jimmy Page considers 'Stairway to Heaven' a masterpiece. Robert Plant does not share his fondness. Plant has referred to it as a "wedding song" and insists that his favorite Led Zeppelin song is "Kashmir."

34. Theodore Roosevelt as a child watched Lincoln’s funeral procession pass by his house. His admiration for Abraham Lincoln was reinforced later in life when he met John Hay, who was Abraham Lincoln’s secretary. Hay gifted a ring that contained Lincoln’s hair to Teddy. Teddy then wore the ring on his inauguration day.

35. Jimmy Carter was the first US president to be born in a hospital.

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Ostriches are sexually aroused by humans.

37. American actor John Travolta adapted L. Ron Hubbard's novel "Battlefield Earth" into a film directed by George Lucas' protégé. Travolta described it as "like Star Wars, only better!", however, the film was a commercial and critical failure and grossed less than half of its budget.

38. One of the mint plant's first known uses in Europe was as a room deodorizer. The herb was strewn across floors to cover smells since stepping on the mint helped to spread its scent through the room.

39. Ciabatta (Italian white bread) has only been around since 1982.

40. During the Cold War, Nikita Khrushchev said to Mao Zedong that “Berlin is the testicles of the West. Every time I want to make the West scream, I squeeze on Berlin.”

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41Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett eats breakfast every day at McDonald's, never spends more than $3.17 and cheaps out to $2.95 /$2.61 on days when the markets are down.

42. Tom Hanks never actually played the ping pong in 'Forrest Gump'; the ball was added using CGI. Hanks and his competitor was just swatting air, timing their action to clicks.

43. While on the Earth, we enjoy blue skies and red sunsets the opposite is true for Mars. On the red planet, rust-colored skies will give way to blue sunsets.

44. Files kept secret for 60 years indicate British intelligence may have knowingly sent more than 50 of its own agents to almost certain death in occupied Holland during the World War 2 as part of a complicated "double-double agent" game played against the Germans.

45. Behind Lincoln's head on Mount Rushmore, there's a Hall of Records with 16 porcelain plates describing the U.S.'s history. They're kept in a teak box inside a titanium vault.

46Moon and Earth

Moon and Earth

If the Moon was brought 21 times closer to the Earth it would break apart and give the Earth rings, due to what's known as the Roche Limit.

47. Documents recently released by the United Nations, indicate that the US, UK, and Soviet governments were aware that at least 2 million Jews had been murdered and a further 5 million were at risk of being killed as early as December 1942.

48. A Landrace is a pure cannabis strain cultivated in its natural environment which has never been crossbred with another variety. The strains are not hybrids, meaning they are either 100% indica or sativa, and are usually named after their region of origin like Afghan Kush or Panama Red.

49. Cows are more deadly than sharks, being responsible for an average of 22 deaths per year, whereas sharks average around 5 deaths per year. Around 75% of the attacks were deliberate, and it’s is even estimated that around 5 of the 22 deaths caused by cows per year are carried by a group of these bovine.

50. The Windsor Hum is a deep, rhythmic, droning sound emanating from the secretive US Steel property in Detroit called Zug Island which is causing migraines, nausea, and "revving" vibrations throughout the night.


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