50 Interesting Facts about Popular Bands – Part 2

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1Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson

None of the Beach Boys actually surfed except for Dennis Wilson who died drowning.

2. A building burned down across the street from the Beach Boys' studio right after they recorded the chaotic instrumental piece, "The Elements: Fire". Mentally unstable bandleader Brian Wilson was convinced for years the two were linked.

3. The guitarist (Malcolm Young) of AC/DC on their last world tour had to relearn the songs before each show as he was suffering from the early stages of dementia.

4. A couple sued AC/DC in 1981 for $250,000 because their telephone number is in the song, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" resulting in hundreds of prank calls.

5. Bon Scott liked the Young Brothers but thought they were too inexperienced and too young to rock. The Young Brothers replied with saying Scott was too old to rock. But after one jam session with each other, it was obvious AC/DC found its new lead singer.

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Kraftwerk thanked Coldplay for asking if they could use one of their riffs by saying something like: 'Yes, you can use it, and thank you very much for asking my permission, unlike that bastard Jay-Z'.

7. The Arctic Monkeys' performance on Jimmy Kimmel had to be canceled because Kanye West talked for too long.

8. When the Arctic Monkeys started their band, none of them could play instruments.

9. Not long before his death, Freddie Mercury, confined to his bed, got to see an advance copy of the "Wayne's World" scene with Wayne and Garth headbanging to "Bohemian Rhapsody". He loved it and approved of the song's use in the film. The movie, in part, helped launch Queen's comeback in the USA.

10. Freddie Mercury spent his last month's recording as many vocals as he could for the rest of Queen to finish after his death.

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11David Bowie

David Bowie

Under Pressure was written by David Bowie and Queen during a 24-hour wine and cocaine marathon.

12. Ten days before Freddie Mercury died, Jim Beach, Queen's manager, met with him to discuss what could be done with his legacy. Freddie quipped, "You can do whatever you like with my image, my music, remix it, re-release it, whatever... just never make me boring."

13. When Queen wanted to release "Bohemian Rhapsody", various executives told them that a song with a length of 5 minutes and 55 seconds was too long and would never be a hit. They even played it to other musicians who claimed that the song had "no hope" of being played on the radio.

14. Mike Myers was horrified when clips from Wayne's World were mixed with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody video, "they've just whizzed on a Picasso". The band responded simply saying, "Thank you for using our song." This shocked Myers, "Thank you for even letting me touch the hem of your garments!"

15. Queen guitarist Brian May is an astrophysicist and member of the NASA team that interprets data from Pluto.

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16Queen concert

Queen concert

During a Queen concert in the 70s, a heckler shouted "you f*cking poof" [gay slur] to Freddie Mercury during the middle of their set. Freddie responded by ordering the crew to turn the spotlight on the man, asking him to "Say it again, darling". The heckler cowered in shame.

17. In May 1991, Freddie Mercury started recording vocals for "Mother Love", but upon reaching the last verse, he told his band that he had to "have a rest" and that he would return to finish it. He didn't end up making it to the studio, eventually succumbing to AIDS. Brian May sang the final verse.

18. 'Queen’s Brian May uses a sixpence British coin instead of a guitar pick and occasionally uses its serrated edge against the strings for certain sounds.'

19. Queen (the band) is the only group that has had all of its members compose multiple #1 hits, so in addition to the band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all four members have been individually inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

20. After the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was announced in 1992, all 72,000 tickets sold out in 3 hours, even though no performers were announced besides the remaining members of Queen.

21John Deacon

John Deacon

Queen guitarist Brian May jokingly asked the band bassist, John Deacon, to learn the double bass for the recording of his folk song '39. Just a couple days later, he found Deacon in the studio with the instrument, having already learned to play it.

22. Freddie Mercury of Queen intended to record multiple duets with Michael Jackson, but after recording one song he dropped out of any further collaborations because he felt uncomfortable working with Jackson's pet llama in the studio.

23. Freddy Mercury was so ill with AIDS when he recorded "The Show Must Go On" that Brian May didn't think he could do it. Mercury slammed some vodka, said "I'll fu*king do it, darling" and killed it in one take.

24. Queen guitarist Brian May built his primary guitar, the "Red Special" when he was 16. It contains parts from a motorbike, bicycle, knitting needle, and the wood is from a 18th-century fireplace mantel.

25. Freddie Mercury is celebrated in Iran, a country where homosexuality is illegal, and that Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was the 1st rock song officially approved post-revolution since he calls for God in Arabic ("Bismillah! We will not let you go") to help regain his soul from Shaitan.

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  1. Brian Johnson is AC/DC one and only Singer. The guitarist (now passed away) is Malcolm Young, who had to re-learn the songs. A lot of your articles are misspelt and I suggest you hire a proof reader (who might also check your “facts”. Not reading this site anymore.

  2. Dave Evens was the lead singer for AC/DC from 1973-1974

    And Malcolm had a microphone in from of him 41 years kind of rough to call any of them the 1 and only.

  3. Bon Scott was the original AC/DC singer, he passed away & was replaced by Brian Johnson. How about YOU check your facts, eh?

  4. “ One of these days I’m gonna change my evil ways!! “ I’m still Ridin’ On. Salute to Bon & Angus. And not to forget the rest of them who held it down. Peace.

  5. No offense to this site but wherever or however they come by their facts it seems like they put incorrect ones waiting for someone to correct them in the comments its a sound method no hate i promise



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