50 Creepy & Unsolved Disappearances – Part 2

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11Disappearance of Juan Pedro Martínez

Disappearance of Juan Pedro Martínez

A 10-year-old boy named Juan Pedro Martinez disappeared in Spain in 1986, while on "vacation" with his mother and father. His dad, who was a truck driver, was delivering a load of 20,000 liters of pure sulfuric acid. Everything seemed normal until the family reached the Somosierra mountain pass when his father started driving erratically, crashing into several cars and then overturned his truck. Sulfuric acid began pouring out of the tanker, causing a cloud of noxious gas to rise near the crash site. Both his parents were killed. Juan however, was never found at the accident site. Some believed that Juan was completely dissolved by the sulfuric acid. However, chemists maintain that there is no way that this happened. The acid could not have dissolved his body that quickly and leave no trace.

12Disappearance of Sneha Philip

Disappearance of Sneha Philip

Sneha Anne Philip was an Indian-American physician who was last seen a day before the 9/11 attacks, by a department store surveillance camera near her Lower Manhattan apartment. There have been a lot of theories behind her disappearance over the years as no promising leads or evidence on her fate ever developed. Foul play or leaving her family were possibilities over the years, but it was assumed by her family that she died trying to help the victims of 9/11 as she was a doctor and lived just 2 blocks from the World Trade Center.

13Disappearnace at Eilean Mor Lighthouse

Disappearnace at Eilean Mor Lighthouse

In 1900, three lighthouse keepers mysteriously disappeared from the lighthouse on Eilean Mor, an island north of Scotland. The door of the lighthouse was unlocked, coats were missing and half-eaten food was left behind. The last entries on the log described a storm on December 12th with severe winds, but all other reports in the area stated the weather was clear that day. A prevailing hypothesis is that there was very rough weather and they were swept to sea while trying to secure some equipment.

14Disappearance of Charles Rogers

Disappearance of Charles Rogers

Charles Rogers was an American seismologist, US Navy pilot, and murder suspect who went missing in June 1965 after police discovered his elderly parents' mutilated remains in the refrigerator of the Houston house the three shared. On all the shelves and in the freezer compartment were the dismembered bodies of his parents, cut in unwrapped, washed-off pieces smaller than individual joints. There was little food in the house. The house had been carefully cleaned and the only blood discovered was on the keyhole of a bedroom door. The bedroom belonged to the couple's 43-year-old son Charles Rogers. 9 years before these events, Charles inexplicably quit his job as a seismologist with Shell without explanation and moved in with his parents. He turned into a loner and recluse living in the attic bedroom. He only communicated with his parents via notes slipped under his bedroom door and was rarely seen by neighbors. Despite a nationwide manhunt, he was never seen or heard from again.

15Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

In August 2013, a man named Brandon Lawson ran out of gas on a Texas highway in the middle of the night and called his brother to come help him. Shortly after he called 911 and reported that someone was chasing him into the woods and that he needed the police. Eventually, his brother and one police officer arrived at the scene to find his truck abandoned but no sign of Brandon. Brandon called his brother one last time to say he was bleeding and is 10 minutes away from his truck. That was the last anyone ever heard from him and searches of the area turned up empty. In February 2022, a search party successfully located Lawson's clothing near his last known location and the Texas Rangers also found human remains on further search. DNA tests were not complete as of October 2022, but the remains are expected to belong to Lawson.

16The Jamison Family Deaths

The Jamison Family Deaths

The Jamison family (2 adults, and 1 young daughter) was interested in purchasing a plot of land in Oklahoma. In 2009, they drove out to the plot in their pickup truck to check it out. Their truck was later found abandoned with $32,000 cash found in the truck, along with their IDs, wallets, mobile phones, and a GPS. The family dog was also left in the truck, and was extremely malnourished. A camera was also discovered and the final picture it photographed was of their 6-year-old daughter Madyson, who looked somewhat distressed in the picture. Years later, in 2013, the skeletal remains of two adults and a child were discovered not far from where their pickup truck was abandoned. They were later identified to be the Jamisons. They were found lying side by side in the woods with no signs of any struggle.

17Disappearance of Susan Powell

Disappearance of Susan Powell

Josh Powell and Susan Powell had 2 young sons and were going through a bad marriage. Josh was abusive and controlling, and at one point they had to move because Josh’s father Steve developed an obsessive infatuation with Susan. Things got so bad she started fearing for her life. Then one night in 2009 the whole family disappeared, only to have the husband come back a few days later saying that he and the boys went camping and he had no idea where his wife was.

As the investigation into what happened to the wife went on, Josh started acting more and more suspiciously, eventually moving back in with his father. He then lost custody of his kids after his father Steve was caught with child porn along with hundreds of creep shots of Susan. Finally, during a supervised visit, Josh grabbed his son from the social worker, holed himself up inside his house, and then blew it up, killing himself and both his kids. All the while, Susan’s whereabouts remain unsolved and she is still listed as missing (although presumed to be murdered and dumped somewhere by her husband).

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18Death of Dorothy Jane Scott

Death of Dorothy Jane Scott

Dorothy Jane Scott was a young divorced mom working at a head shop that sold hippie items. In 1980, she disappeared from a hospital parking lot after taking one of her coworkers to the hospital due to a spider bite. When her co-workers came out of the hospital, they saw Dorothy's car speeding toward them. She didn’t stop and that was the last time anyone saw her. The next day her car is found torched but she is nowhere to be found. Over the next few years, her parents started receiving taunting phone calls. The caller asked if Dorothy was home and claimed to know where she was. 4 years later her charred remains were found next to a highway buried underneath a dog, possibly because the killer thought that it would fool cadaver dogs that happened to hit on that spot.

19Disappearance of Angela Hammond

Disappearance of Angela Hammond

In 1991, 20-year-old Angela Hammond, who was then four months pregnant, stopped at a phone booth while driving home, to call her fiancé Rob. She described to him a creepy-looking man in a pickup truck in the parking lot. Her fiancé suddenly heard Angela scream. He bolted for his car and raced down the road to the payphone booth, which was only a few minutes away. As he barreled down the road, Rob spotted a pickup truck matching Angela’s description going in the opposite direction. He noticed a man driving and saw what appeared to be Angela in the passenger’s seat crying out his name. After attempting a pursuit, the transmission on his truck gave out and this is the last anyone ever saw of Angela. She still hasn't been found.

20Disappearance of Amy Bradley

Disappearance of Amy Bradley

In March 1998, 23-year-old Amy Bradley was on a cruise with her family. She was last seen asleep on the balcony of her cabin and was seen earlier in the night with a band member of the cruise. She was reported missing shortly after the cruise docked. There were no further signs of her on the ship or in the ocean. There were possible sightings of Bradley in Curaçao in 1998 and 1999. Two Canadian tourists reported seeing a woman resembling Amy on a beach in Curaçao in August 1998. The woman's tattoos were reportedly identical to Bradley's. Bradley's tattoos included a Tasmanian Devil spinning a basketball located on her shoulder, the sun placed on her lower back, a Chinese symbol located on her right ankle, and a gecko lizard on her navel. She also had a navel ring.

A member of the Navy stated that he saw Bradley in a brothel in 1999. He claimed she told him that "her name was Amy Bradley and [she] begged him for help," explaining that she was not allowed to leave. Since the brothel was off-limits to Navy personnel, the officer waited until he was out of the Navy before reporting the sighting by which time the brothel had gone and there was no trail to follow.


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  1. RE #1: Gary Mathias – I have an easy explanation, and it has to do with the guy in the car, but doesn’t involve foul play.

    If they were lost in the mountains at night, even if they were on a highway, it’s possible they were looking for someone to ask for directions. They may have saw the lights of Shones car, since he admittedly left it running; also, if he was seriously in need of help, would have left them on to make himself more visible. Maybe they decided to drive up that road thinking it would be easier to get to the car and ask for directions. It also may have seemed closer than it was at night.

    It says in the original article that the driver’s side window was down in the boy’s car. I think if someone was driving up a road like that, at least if I was, hanging out the window to see where I was going would make it rather easy not to damage the car. You take it slow, and you watch where you are going out the window.

    But then they get stuck. At this point, they get out of the car, maybe one of them goes out to take a piss. All of a sudden some guy starts screaming for help up the mountain. If the wind was blowing (maybe this explains the whistles that Shones heard), or there was recent snow, then that plays hell with echoes and it is hard to tell where sound is coming from. The calls for help may have very well sounded like they were coming from another direction uphill and out in the woods. The article states that one of the boys would help anyone in need. This may explain why they didn’t continue on to Shones car, but perhaps thought someone had left that car and was now lost out in the woods.

    At that point, all it would take is one of them running out into the woods in the wrong direction and the others chasing off after him for the group to get lost; this seems even more plausible with their mental capacity – one of them could have just bolted thinking that someone needed help out in the woods. It’s night, possibly windy, and there is fresh snow. Whoever was yelling for help has gone silent, and now you are in the woods. They kept going uphill looking for whoever was yelling for help, got lost, there was a fresh snow, and the rest is history. Three of them died from exposure, the other two made it to a cabin. However, since three of them were already dead, it makes sense that the remaining two would have been in dire straits at that point. I think they got in the cabin, ate what was available, and Mathias, in the best condition somehow, took the best pair of shoes available, wrapped his friend up, and tried to get to help. They probably didn’t even check for more food or for heat, or didn’t have the mental capacity at that point to work it out. There is a note about a mysterious watch with a broken crystal, but that could have been discarded by a camper and found in the cabin – it was broken, after all.

    • RE #1: Gary Mathias – We will never truly have an answer to what actually happened that night, but a lot of the strange behavior is familiar to me since I work in a group home for this exact population. It’s a group home for men with mild intellectual disabilities, just like the men here. They can do a lot of things, but their lives and capabilities rely heavily on rules and routines and exact steps. They may be able to cook a grilled cheese sandwich, but if you tell them to cook a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, they will stand there utterly perplexed unless you stand next to them and walk them through step by step.

      What I can’t figure out is why and how they ended up where they did. Did the driver just get turned around somehow from a missed exit, road construction, or traffic detour? These things are minor annoyances to a neurotypical person but can be devastating to someone with mental problems or intellectual disabilities.

      Aside from how they ended up so far away from home, a lot of the behavior is familiar to me because of where I work. The abandoned car. When the guys at the group home I work at become stressed out and agitated, they will often run away from home. We then have to call the police to bring them back. The reasons they run away from home often don’t make logical sense or they seem like an overreaction. Like if a storm is coming a guy who is afraid of thunder storms will then run away from home…. Into the storm lol. So, I’m thinking that the guys somehow became lost and ended up far out of their way… For whatever reason. Lost, they then began to panic. The car got stuck in the snowbank. Now, completely panicked, they decided they are afraid of the car since driving is what got them lost, and decided to bail from the car and just walk instead. That, or they simply were too panicked to figure out how to push the car out and thought the snowcats tracks would lead them to civilization.

      From there things become more easy to explain. They followed the snowcat trail to the trailer. Sterling and Madruga succombed to the elements along the way. Weiher and Huett made it to the trailer. Now, being familiar with this population I kind of understand what happened. There was a fireplace, matches, and books to use to burn to keep warm. But, if they had been told their whole lives that setting things on fire was unsafe and inappropriate, they would have not been able to put together that it was a good idea to do in that situation. The food rations. If they were unfamiliar with what they looked like, they may not have even recognized it as food. Or maybe they didn’t know how to open the packaging. Or how to prepare it. The clothes in the trailer. They may have only recognized their own winter clothes as the appropriate things to wear when they get cold. Or they may have feared legal consequences for taking someone else’s property without permission. The guys at our work have to be told and taught how to pick weather appropriate clothing. Even when they are sooooo high functioning that you kind of forget about their intellectual disability. Then it will be an unseasonably warm day in the 60’s or 70’s and they’re still wearing their winter jackets. Why? Because no staff told them it was okay not to. Like, you forget what you’re dealing with but then something like that happens and you’re like, “Ope. There it is.”

      I don’t know. Some things about this case are a mystery like how they got out to the mountain in the first place or the unexplained sighting from the guy having a heart attack. But then there are so many behaviors that seem familiar to me that make me learn more towards thinking the whole thing was just an accident that ended in tragedy. I think Mathias probably succombed to the elements and his body was just never found. It’s a lot of wilderness to get lost in and several months of animal scavenging may have scattered and lost his remains

    • Except… it is said that he died in the cabin after 8-13 weeks, and having lost 80-100 pounds. Some of the food was eaten, but there was enough food left to feed 5 men for a year. Would it not occur to him during those 8-13 weeks to check the locker to see if there was more food? He had some food that he rationed and ate during those weeks, or he would’ve died after ~2 weeks due to starvation. So why did he think there was so little food in the first place? Why not build a fire to prevent his frostbite? There were matches, material to sustain a fire and even a propane tank. It makes no sense at all.

      • This sticks out: “The growth of beard on his face showed that he had lived apparently, in starving agony inside that trailer, for anywhere from eight to 13 weeks.”

        The growth of the beard?

        Couldn’t that have happened outside the trailer? I’d like to know how they came to the 8 to 13 weeks number, because if it was only due to the growth of the beard then that means nothing, he could have grown that while starving to death and losing all that weight out in the wilderness trying to find shelter.

        Another source said that when they found him he was wrapped in the sheet “like a shroud” and indicated that they thought someone else would have had to have done it. His head was wrapped too, according to that article.

        I just don’t understand why they thought they were in that trailer for so long. I mean, the weight loss could have happened before they go to the trailer, same with the beard growth. If there are other reasons they think they were in that trailer for so long, I don’t see them listed. Maybe I am missing it.

        • I just don’t see them (or just him) walking around in the wilderness for 8-13 weeks without dying quickly. It was february and there was snow, so it must’ve been very cold (he had frostbitten toes, too), there are many hungry predators about, there’s probably little to nothing to eat, so you’d think that he’d have starved way sooner.

          But even if you believe that he was only in the trailer during his last few days, why would he not immediately eat the food and make a fire? He was strong enough to climb through the broken window to enter the trailer, and someone went to the shed to get food. But for some reason, that person didn’t take the huge amount of food in the locker. If they’d just used that food and made a fire or use the propane tank, the probably would’ve been fine.

  2. RE: #4 Beatriz Winck – How sad, it’s crazy how many things can go wrong with tourists. If she was feeling unwell, is it possible she was disoriented and got lost somewhere? This basilica sounds like a big tourist destination. Looks like there’s a river very close to the church, as well as forests and open vegetation. Maybe she intended to go back to the hotel and got disoriented. How was the weather that day, could she have been dehydrated?

    • Hi. I tried finding info about the surrounding area but can’t tell you for sure the type of vegetation around the Basilica, if it’s large enough to get lost etc . Only by pictures we can have some idea. It looks like she could get lost in the vegetation our get to the river you found, but only if she walked a lot to leave the urban area. With so many people around, it’s hard to believe no one noticed her. But yes, it could happen. I’ve never been to Aparecida but I know some people who have. I’ll ask them if they think it’s easy to get lost in city..

  3. RE: #10 – Lars Mittank – I still think he died of dehydration somewhere in the nature and his body hasnt been found yet..maybe at some obvious location.

    • This is the most likely scenario in my opinion. Perhaps the fight he got into caused a brain injury, or he had another kind of undiagnosed mental disorder.

      • The fight might not have even happened. No one saw the fight Lars ended up split up from his friends after arguing with some football fans and when they found him later he told them that those fans hired people to beat him up. Ears can rupture through travel or infection. It’s possible that was unrelated and it was simply a mental issue. Of course people with serious delusional disorders are at high risk of being harmed by others because they can come across threatening to others so i wouldn’t be surprised if he was attacked. The story about fans hiring people is almost certainly nonsense though.

        • I have read that for the injury he was given antibiotics. It makes me wonder if the ear rupture was caused by an infection. It’s not typical to prescribe antibiotics for that unless there’s sign of infection, and unless there’s other injuries that haven’t been mentioned, no other reason to prescribe antibiotics. Take out the rupture, and the other injuries are as explainable by a drunken fall as they are by a fight.

          • Antibiotics aren’t strictly indicated for rupture, but are fairly commonly prescribed anyway. Especially if contamination is suspected.

    • I remember hearing about other photos that were found as well. I found them here the sheriff does seem to feel sure of his belief about what happened

      • Wow. The picture from Albuquerque really resembles the boy in the original Polaroid. Why have police never spoken about these letters?? Did they ever identify the boy in either of the photos? I’ve heard about the Calico case many times but never have I heard about this part of it & the possible connection!

      • So the bike was never found. I think this probably lends to the theory of hit-and-run. I can’t see a kidnapper bothering to take a bike if he only wanted the girl.

        • I wonder if the kidnapper hit her in order to capture her, hence the reported broken pieces of her tape player and skidmarks, then took both her and the bike to limit evidence? (For example, in case paint from his car was on the bike.)

          • This is what happened in a case in my town. Mickey Shunick was riding a bike and was hit by her abductor (at low speeds). He pretended it was an accident. He convinced her let him give her a ride. He put her bike in his truck bed. If you believe you’ll return home, you don’t want to just leave your bike.

  4. RE #7: – Tara Calico – The local police have always stuck by the theory that Tara Calico was accidentally run over by two local teenage boys, whose parents then helped them cover it up by hiding the body. They believe they know who it is, but evidence is lacking. That seems plausible. The boys might have been tailing her for fun and then something went wrong. It is unlikely that the parents will ever admit the truth, should that be the case, though siblings if there are any, might very well figure it out and decide to turn them in. So it is possible someone will eventually confirm that theory.

    I think the photograph has nothing to do with the case. One thing that does strike me is that given how heavily publicised it has been, no one has come forward to identify the two youngsters, neither have they emerged. The person who dropped the photo hasn’t claimed it. I suppose it’s possible the right people just missed all the fuss. Or they didn’t want to associate themselves with the circus round the photograph if it was just a prank picture. Being known as the kids who weren’t kidnapped after all might be something they didn’t want to live down especially if they came from a small town.

    • Yes, when I went down the rabbit hole on this case a few years ago I realized it’s pretty much solved. I’m pretty sure there’s an extensive case report out there from one of the later Sheriff’s assigned to the case with interviews etc. I also thought the main suspects were deceased, and at least one was related to the Sheriff a the time. There have been a few write ups on this sub over the years which likely have more details.



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