50 Awesome TV Details We Bet You Didn’t Notice

31Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

On Brooklyn 99, in the episode "HalloVeen," you can spot a cute photo of Amy and Jake on Amy's desk — the picture is actually taken from Melissa Fumero's Instagram.

32Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, when Hank holds up the donation jar for Walt’s surgery the pictures gets cleverly placed under the wanted sign.

33Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls

In S02E09 of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom is Seen Wearing Eric Cartman's (South Park) Clothes.

34Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute

In The Office Season 3, Dwight Schrute admires a chair at David Wallace's house and wants to get one for himself. In Season 9, he has the chair.



In Futurama S04E07 ( A Pharaoh to Remember), Bender whips a slave and the conservation of momentum propels him backward since he is floating in space.

36Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

In "Parks and Recreation - S06E10: Second Chunce", the man drinking coffee behind Ben and Leslie is a cameo by Michael Schur, the show's co-creator.

37Family Guy

Family Guy

In Family Guy, when Lois is using Facebook you can see that Meg has sent her a friend request which she hasn't accepted.

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On Season 4 Episode 2 of the Office, Michael opens the door to let the cameraman out of the sinking car.

39Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

In Brooklyn 99, the Swedish police call the Danish ‘garbage people.’ Swedes hate Danes dating back to 1520 when Danish king Christian II ordered a devastating mass execution of the entire Swedish nobility.



In Scrubs S03E14 "My Screw Up," Ben Sullivan tells Doctor Cox he'll carry his camera with him until "the day he dies." After J.D. tells Dr. Cox that a patient has died Ben does not have the camera for the rest of the episode and only directly interacts with Dr. Cox, indicating that he was the patient.

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