50 Awesome TV Details We Bet You Didn’t Notice

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11 Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Several scenes in American television sitcom Arrested Development hint at Buster losing his arm to a seal.

12 Penny


In the Big Bang Theory finale, Penny is wearing the same shirt she wore in the pilot episode.

13 Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers

In Bob’s Burgers, Louise fills a pepper shaker through a funnel. When the level of the pepper reaches the bottom of the funnel it stops filling the shaker and starts filling the funnel. When she lifts the funnel, the rest of the pepper falls out and the pepper level in the shaker rises.

14 Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

On Brooklyn 99, Captain Holt wears a “WTC” breast bar, indicating he was working on 9/11.

15 Goodbye Michael

Goodbye Michael

In “The Office S07E22: Goodbye Michael”, Michael throws his coveted ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug into the trash can. At the end of the episode, Creed is seen drinking from it.

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16 Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, S03E07, during the flashback scene of the Salamanca’s, you can see Hector sitting in a chair with wheelchair-esque design.

17 Friends


During the Ross’ bachelor party on Friends, the balloons are inflated condoms.

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18 Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

In S04E07 of Parks and Recreation, the image on Tom’s phone rotates while he’s speaking on it because it’s a picture of the dial screen and not an actual call.

19 Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, the methylamine barrels of Gus Fring’s supplier is imprinted with a golden bee and “00892-B”, which is the hexadecimal RGB code for the signature Breaking Bad green color.

20 Captain Holt

Captain Holt

In Brooklyn 99, Captain Holt’s files are arranged like a pride flag.

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