50 Astonishing Facts About Actresses – Part 6

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21 Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Controversy

Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games Controversy

Jennifer Lawrence’s casting as Katniss Evergreen in ‘The Hunger Games’ films faced criticism from some fans and professional critics who considered her unfit for the role of a starving girl due to her “fat” physique.

22 Shirley Temple’s Mocktail Disapproval

Shirley Temple's Mocktail Disapproval

Shirley Temple disliked the mocktail of lemon-lime soda/ginger ale and grenadine named after her, finding it “too sweet.” In 1988, she won a lawsuit preventing a bottled version from using her name.

23 Ana de Armas in War Dogs

Ana de Armas in War Dogs

When Ana de Armas starred in War Dogs (2016), she hadn’t fully mastered English yet and had to learn her lines phonetically.

24 Kate Upton’s Washing Machine Legacy

Kate Upton's Washing Machine Legacy

Supermodel Kate Upton’s great-grandfather was the co-founder of Whirlpool Corporation and the inventor of the first mass-produced electric washing machine.

25 Glenn Close’s Cult Background

Glenn Close's Cult Background

Actress Glenn Close’s parents were part of a cult, and she spent 15 years growing up in communes before breaking away at the age of 22.

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26 Susan Oliver’s Plane Ordeal

Susan Oliver's Plane Ordeal

The actress who portrayed Vina/Orion Slave Girl in the original Star Trek’s ‘The Menagerie’ experienced a harrowing incident on a plane that suddenly descended from 35,000 feet to 6,000 feet. To overcome her fear, she learned how to fly and became the fourth woman to fly a single-engine aircraft solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her name is Susan Oliver.

27 Claudia Wells’ Back to the Future Change

Claudia Wells' Back to the Future Change

Actress Claudia Wells couldn’t reprise her role as Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly’s girlfriend, in the sequels to Back to the Future because her mother had been diagnosed with cancer.

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28 MST3K Princess Twins Ambassador

MST3K Princess Twins Ambassador

The actress who played the princess twins in the MST3K-spoofed “Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell” later became the US Ambassador to Denmark.

29 Lady Gaga’s Preserved Meat Dress

Lady Gaga's Preserved Meat Dress

Taxidermists have preserved Lady Gaga’s infamous “Meat Dress” from 2010, turning it into a type of beef jerky. Over twelve years later, the dress remains intact and is on display in Las Vegas.

30 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Jade Egg Controversy

Gwyneth Paltrow's Jade Egg Controversy

Gwyneth Paltrow once marketed jade eggs for women to insert into their vaginas and faced legal action for false claims and misleading information.

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