44 Cool and Bizarre Movie Facts You Probably Never Knew Before – Part 4

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1Snow Buddies

During the filming of Snow Buddies (an ‘Air Bud’ spinoff), five puppies died.

2. The beer used while filming of the Hobbit was custom made by New Zealand brewers. It was a 1% dark stout called "Sobering Thought".

3. Actress Tallulah Bankhead was infamous for not wearing underwear. During the filming of Lifeboat (1944), the crew complained about her flashing them when she had to climb a ladder. Director Alfred Hitchcock reportedly quipped that he didn't know if it was “a matter for wardrobe or hairdressing.”

4. During the filming of Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio stopped mid-scene because he was having "a difficult time" using so many racial slurs. Samuel L. Jackson then pulled him aside telling him, "motherfu*ker, this is just another Tuesday for us."

5. Hugh Jackman went without water for 36 hours before filming the opening scene of 'Les Miserables.'

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6The Grey

In the movie 'The Grey', during the filming of an emotional scene in which Liam Neeson's character pens a letter to his faraway wife, director Joe Carnahan urged Neeson to write the letter to his deceased wife, actress Natasha Richardson.

7. The working title for "Snakes on a Plane" was changed to "Pacific Air Flight 121" during filming, but Samuel L. Jackson insisted that they change it back. He later said, "That's the only reason I took the job: I read the title."

8. The only time White Castle made vegetarian Sliders was for filming 'Harold and Kumar' because Kal Penn is a vegetarian.

9. While filming The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson (‘Bender’) used to stay in character off camera, and tormented the other cast members, particularly Claire, played by Molly Ringwald.

10. During the filming of "Blazing Saddles," a man walked into a scene of the movie, who wasn't part of the cast or crew. Director Mel Brooks decided to leave him in the movie for comical effect.

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11Rocky Punch

While filming Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren punched Sylvester Stallone's chest so hard, his heart slammed against his breastbone, causing it to swell and his systolic blood pressure shot to over 200. Filming was halted as Stallone was flown to a nearby hospital and spent eight days in intensive care.

12. Stanley Kubrick had all the sets and models from the filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey destroyed to prevent a sequel from being made.

13. During the filming of the James Bond film "Never Say Never Again," Sean Connery was taking martial arts lessons from a professional instructor. During the course of the lessons, Connery pissed off the instructor…who in turn broke Connery's wrist. That instructor was Steven Seagal.

14. James Franco got a "D" in his acting class at NYU. This actually happened while he was filming ‘127 Hours.’ Hours that Franco spent in production contributed to him missing most of his classes.

15. While filming Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Shia LaBeouf invested $20,000 in the stock market and ended up making more than $400,000.

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16Godfather's Real Mafia

The filming of 'The Godfather' was disrupted by an actual Mafia member, Joe Colombo. Producer Al Ruddy met with him and reviewed the script, striking the word "Mafia" completely from the movie. Colombo and his pals also managed to elbow their way into casting and ended up as extras in the film.

17. During the filming of Star Trek (2009), Zachary Quinto could not manage to properly do the Vulcan salute. Eventually, J.J. Abrams had to glue his fingers together in order for Quinto to do it correctly.

18. In the movie 'The Hangover', no effects or prosthetics were created for Stu's missing tooth. Actor Ed Helms never had an adult incisor grow, and his fake incisor was taken out for the parts of filming where Stu's tooth is missing.

19. During the filming of The Grinch, Jim Carrey sought counseling from a Navy SEAL to learn torture-resistance techniques in order to handle the extensive makeup.

20. Charles Bronson, Britain's most violent prisoner, actually shaved his trademark mustache off so Tom Hardy could wear it during the filming of "Bronson", which was based on his life in prison.

21The African Queen

While filming The African Queen (1951) in the Congo, everyone on the crew became very ill with dysentery from drinking the water—everyone, that is, except Humphrey Bogart, who only drank whiskey.

22. After filming the freeway scenes for The Matrix: Reloaded, the filmmakers instead of disposing of the set, chose to donate it, in pieces, to charity in Mexico to be turned into low-cost housing

23. While filming Zodiac, Robert Downey Jr. used to discreetly pee into jars and leave them in corners of the set as a protest for not getting enough break time.

24. The scar over Sean Bean's left eye was given to him by Harrison Ford, who accidentally struck him with a meat hook whilst filming a scene in 'Patriot Games'.

25. During breaks, while filming Planet of the Apes (1968), the actors playing chimpanzees would usually only consort with other chimp actors and gorillas with other gorilla actors, etc. They were not instructed to do this, it just sort of happened.


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