39 Phenomenal Marvel Facts That Will Leave Even The Superfans in Awe – Part 5

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1Victor Von Doom

Victor Von Doom never received an actual doctoral degree, he instead gave himself the title of “Doctor” after discovering Reed Richards had one. It is implied that he later received a doctorate from his own Latverian University.

2. A comic publisher in Alabama refused to print the very first issue of Alias in 2001 because it implied Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were having interracial an*l sex, which it deemed, “offensive.”

3. For a short period of time, The Punisher was revived as a Frankenstein’s Monster-like creature, magically reassembled together out of decomposing pieces of the corpse of Frank Castle, who had just been killed by Wolverine’s son.

4. After allegedly witnessing a woman lift a car to rescue her trapped baby, artist Jack Kirby utilized the experience for inspiration while originally designing the Hulk, noting her impressive strength in a desperate situation.

5. The Avengers comic book series was a last-minute idea that was only created to fill a publishing gap caused by a delayed issue of Daredevil.

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In the Netflix series Daredevil, the chemicals that blinded Matt Murdock were produced by Rand Corporation, the same company owned by the family of Danny Rand, also known as The Iron Fist.

7. Paul Bettany received Joss Whedon’s offer to play the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron after he walked out of a meeting with a producer who told him he’d never work for Hollywood again.

8. The Hulk’s CGI body used in The Avengers film was based on that of a male stripper named Steve Romm.

9. Before shooting the scene in which Loki shapeshifts into Captain America in Thor: The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston donned the Captain America suit and did his own over-the-top impression of Chris Evans. Evans then imitated Hiddleston’s impression of himself when it came time to film his scene.

10. In Sandman’s first comic book appearance, Spider-Man defeats him with a vacuum cleaner.

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11Spider-Man's Strength

Since Spider-Man is strong enough to lift approximately ten tons (or about six cars), he has to actively hold back to avoid killing the criminals he pummels on a daily basis.

12. According to X-Men: The Animated Series, Wolverine’s senses are so powerful that he can smell on the infrared spectrum.

13. Hawkeye #19″, which is told largely in American Sign Language, was delayed for months in order for the series writer, Matt Fraction, to research and confirm with educators and doctors that the ASL used was completely correct.

14. For a short time in the 1970’s Tony Stark’s Iron Man helmet included a nose, which garnered ridicule from readers. This derision was eventually written into the comic storyline, as Stark designed a new helmet after attending a comic book convention where patrons made fun of it.

15. The art in “Deadpool #40” was designed to look like a used children’s coloring book that promotes and warns about the positives/dangers of “gracking” (or gamma fracking).

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After James Gunn announced Marvel’s legal team wouldn’t let him use the Sneepers species in Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2, fans began to protest the decision on the internet en masse. This led Marvel to admit that it wasn’t that big of a deal, with Gunn stating to “keep an eye out for at least one Sneeper” in the sequel.

17. The notoriously bad CGI Hulk used in Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk was originally supposed to be created with animatronics and practical effects.

18. Just 12 Issues after his debut appearance, Spider-Man’s secret identity was revealed to the public by Doctor Octopus. However, no one could accept that a wimp like Peter Parker could be a superhero, dismissing him as an imposter.

19. The original Guardians of the Galaxy cameo planned for Stan lee involved Groot stumbling across the former Marvel Comics president in one of the Collector’s display cases, who would then flip off our heroes.

20. Magneto does not have control over just metal, but overall electromagnetic forces. Thus, he can generate heat, sense heat signatures, manipulate/generate radio signals, manipulate the human body’s nervous system, manipulate light to make himself invisible and even control water on an atomic level.


On very rare occasions, Spider-Man has been known to use his wall-clinging abilities offensively, sticking to and then ripping off of characters like Norman Osborn and Sasha Kravinoff.

22. Stan Lee considered the premise of the X-Men’s abilities, i.e., people born with superpowers, “the cowardly way out” of an origin story. He only used the concept after he exhausted all his other ideas (like irradiated spiders and cosmic forces).

23. Multiple alternate opening scenes were shot for ‘Iron Man 3,’ including a scene of Tony Stark as a child trying to cheer up his mother after she got into a fight with his father, and one of Tony cleaning up Stark Industry landmines, an allusion to the many explosive elements from his past waiting to detonate.

24. Hugh Jackman walked around the show floor of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con dressed as Wolverine, who he plays in the ‘X-Men’ film series, yet was almost completely unrecognized. One member of the crowd even complained that he was too tall to cosplay the character.

25. A 1965 Esquire poll revealed that college students ranked the Hulk and Spider-Man alongside Bob Dylan and Che Guevara as the top revolutionary icons of their time.

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