36 Unusually Strange Laws Around the World That’ll Make You Go WTF

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1Indian physicians

It is illegal for Indian physicians to determine the gender of a fetus due to female infanticides.

2. In Fairbanks, Alaska it is illegal for a moose to enter a saloon (via the sidewalk). This law was created to try to stop a local tavern keeper from getting his pet moose drunk and prevent the moose's frequent drunken rampages.

3. It is illegal to not flush the toilet in Singapore. For failing to flush, you will be fined $150, and police officers have been known to check.

4. In Canada, it is illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft. However, it is completely legal to practice witchcraft.

5. British eggs are illegal in the US for being "unwashed" and American eggs are illegal in the UK for being "washed".

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6Live animals

It is legal to ship live animals in the mail, as long as the animal is not dangerous, diseased, bad-smelling, loud, and able to survive the transit without food or water.

7. It's illegal to "pursue, shoot, shoot at, poison, wound, kill, capture, trap, collect, molest or disturb" a bald eagle in the United States.

8. It is illegal in some states in USA to collect rainwater because "according to officials, 'that rain belongs to someone else.'"

9. It is illegal to tattoo in South Korea if you are not a licensed medical doctor.

10. It was technically legal to kill Mormons in Missouri until 1976.

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11Foster parents

In Ohio, It is illegal for foster parents to make their children who are of the opposite sex to share the same room.

12. Unpaid internships at for-profit businesses are illegal in the United States when they're for the benefit of the employer and displace regular employees.

13. In the town of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, "Hooting and Hollering" was completely illegal until March 2016 when they made it legal from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

14. It's illegal to own hamsters as pets in Hawaii.

15. It is illegal for anyone, even children, to wear camouflage clothing of any kind in Barbados.

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16Idaho cyclists

In Idaho, it is legal for cyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, and a red light as a stop sign. This law is commonly referred to as the "Idaho Stop" and has not been adopted in any other state.

17. In Mexico, the act of escaping from prison is considered legal because the law recognizes that all people have a fundamental desire to be free.

18. It is legal in California to drive a motorcycle between two cars in their lane (lane splitting) and only 53% of state residents know that it is legal.

19. LSD (Acid) was legal for decades, was given to undergraduate psychiatry students as part of their education, and it has the highest success rate in recorded history for treating alcoholism.

20. It is illegal to bring a copy of "Robinson Crusoe" into the micro-nation of Kingdom of Elleore (micronation located on the island of Elleore), and if you do, your punishment is 11 minutes and 17 seconds in prison.

21Adult incest

Adult incest is legal in New Jersey.

22. Pinball was illegal for 30 years in many major US cities. Politicians thought that pinball was a game based on chance and therefore must have been a mob-run scam. The ban ended when a master pinball player was called in front of a committee to demonstrate his skill.

23. In EVE Online (Online game) a player set up an in-game bank that operated legitimately for several months. The bank's founder then stole nearly 790 billion units of in-game currency, nearly $170,000 in real-world dollars. This was all perfectly legal.

24. In 2009, EA sent out brass knuckles to the game writers of the Godfather II before realizing that they were illegal in most of the states they sent them to, including California, where EA is based.

25. In Denmark, it is illegal to burn foreign flags, but not illegal to burn the Danish flag.

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