35 Truly Credible Random Facts To Blow Your Mind | Random List #232

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26Maria Strydom

Maria Strydom

In 2016, an Australian woman named Maria Strydom who was trying to prove that she could scale Mount Everest while on a vegan diet died of altitude sickness.

27. The rabbits used on the set of “Teletubbies” are a special breed of rabbits called “Flemish Giant”. This species of rabbit was used to not give away the scale of the filming site.

28. In Michael Jackson's ‘Beat it’, most of the extras on the set were Bloods and Crips members who put aside their differences for the music video.

29. Actor John Bradley (who portrayed Samwell Tarley in the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones) had only graduated from drama school three months before landing his GOT role, which was also his first audition.

30. In 1849, Sarah Thomas aged 17 became the last teenage girl to be hanged in Britain. Found guilty of killing her employer, Sarah was dragged screaming and crying to the gallows pleading for her life. So distressing was the scene that the prison governor even fainted.

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31Theodore Streleski

Theodore Streleski

Theodore Streleski was a Stanford Math Ph.D. student. After being unable to get his Ph.D. after 19 years of study, he proceeded to murder his advisor.

32. In 1988, President Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act, which gave $20,000 reparations to every Japanese-American (and their descendants) who got sent to internment camps in World War 2.

33. Every evening at 10 p.m. students in the town of Uppsala, Sweden, let out a collective scream as a response to the stress of university life. They call it the ‘Flogsta Scream’.

34. The Great Sioux Nation, consisting of nine tribes, lost the Black Hills in South Dakota when the USA violated a treaty. In 1980, the Supreme Court agreed and set $105 million in funds aside as compensation. The Sioux did not accept it, preferring the land instead. There is now ~$2 billion in that fund as of 2019.

35. The final words of Venezuelan President Antonio José de Sucre were: “F*ck, a bullet wound!” He’d been shot while riding in a jungle in Colombia. He was said to have been an educated gentleman who had never cursed until that day.

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