35 Strangest and Weirdest Cuisines From Around the World

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'PagPag' is a type of Filipino cuisine eaten by poor sections of society that recycles old food garbage waste into new dishes.

27. Basashi is a Japanese dish, consisting of raw, thinly sliced horse meat that is dipped in soy sauce and garnished with ginger and onions. It is considered a staple bar food in the region.

28. There is a dish called "Engagement Chicken" which is served with the intention of getting your boyfriend to propose.

29. A popular sushi food named Uni is a sweet, creamy dish made from sea urchin gonads.

30. The Kiviaq is a dish from Greenland which involves stuffing seabirds into a gutted seal and letting it ferment.

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There is a popular dish in Somali cuisine called "Federation" which consists of half rice, half spaghetti, and an optional banana.

32. Kutti pi is an Indian cuisine which prepared from the flesh of an unborn goat fetus.

33. South Koreans serve a poop shaped dessert called Ttongppang (literally feces bread or "poo bread"). It is the shape of stylized human feces and is filled with red bean paste and walnut bits.

34. The cherpumple is a super dessert that combines cherry, apple, and pumpkin pies with three different types of cake.

35. Syllabub is a colonial dessert made with milk directly taken from a cow and stray cow debris.

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