35 Shocking Random Facts That’ll Leave You Stunned – Part 263

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26Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide levels commonly found in classrooms and office spaces can decrease higher cognitive function by up to 50%.

27. Sacha Baron Cohen trained with an FBI interrogator before his conversation with O.J. Simpson for "Who Is America?" in the hope that he could trick OJ into confessing

28. American currency US-Dollar is indirectly named after the Czech town Jáchymov. The town's German name is Joachimsthal and the coins produced here were called “Thaler”. The Dutch called those coins “Daler”, which then later turned into “Dollar.”

29. American actor Tom Kenny was laughing so much during the recording of the Spongebob episode 'Sailor Mouth' that they had to record him while he lay on the floor of the sound booth.

30. Gerrymandering is named as such because a governor named Elbridge Gerry, in 1812, created a partisan district in the shape of a salamander.

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31Harry Truman

Harry Truman

US Presidential candidates get intelligence briefings. Harry Truman began this practice in 1952 as a reaction to his own experience at the beginning of his Presidency. He knew next to nothing about the U.S.’s intelligence apparatus, including the Manhattan Project.

32. John Taylor was a charlatan who during the 18th century paraded from town to town doing bogus eye operations. He blinded hundreds of people, including famous composers Handel, and Bach.

33. There was a Breaking Bad Fan-Edit Film created by 2 dedicated fans of the series, simply titled Breaking Bad: The Movie, which condensed the entire series into a two-hour feature film.

34. Women receiving radiation to their pelvis can have their ovaries transplanted into their forearm (heterotopic transplantation) to be retrieved in the future for IVF and maintain their fertility.

35. The constitution of Monaco is the world’s shortest constitution by word count at 3,814 words, while the longest constitution is India’s at 146,385 words.

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