35 Random Facts List #177

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26 Betty Robinson

Betty Robinson

Betty Robinson, who won the first Olympic 100 m for women in 1928 at just 16, was later involved in a plane crash. A man who discovered her wrongly thought she was dead and drove her to an undertaker. She awoke from her coma 7 months later, before returning to win a relay gold in 1936.

27. In 1643, Lady Mary Bankes defended a castle from over 200 attackers with only 5 men under her initial command. She would be reinforced by 80 royalists and would hold against a total of 600 men for 3 years before being betrayed and forced to surrender.

28. An old lady named Dorothea Puente ran a halfway house in Sacramento for the down and out. She murdered 7 of the residents and buried them in the front yard.

29. A 96-year old lady from Australia knitted over 1000 tiny sweaters for penguins to protect them from oil spills.

30. In 1860 an 11-year old girl named Grace Bedell wrote to Presidential Nominee Abraham Lincoln, urging him to grow a beard, as “..ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for [you] and then [you] would be President.” Lincoln not only wrote back but had a full beard by his Inauguration.

31 Concepcion Picciotto

Concepcion Picciotto

A lady named Concepcion Picciotto protested in front of the White House for 35 years, the longest continuous act of political protest in the United States.

32. The Lady in white also known as Perla Siedle Gibson from South Africa would stand at the port and sing for the servicemen as their ships sailed in and out of Durban during World War 2 and beyond. She was a true inspiration and motivation for hundreds of thousands of soldiers and became famous for it.

33. Edith Wilson, the First Lady was a direct descendant of Pocahontas, helped run the presidency after her husband’s stroke, and attended JFK’s inauguration at the age of 88.

34. The Woman of Seine was an unknown woman whose body was pulled out of the Seine River in France. The post-mortem pathologist at the morgue was so taken by her beauty that he made a plaster cast death mask of her face. The same mask is now used as the face of CPR mannequins and it is the most kissed face on earth.

35. Harvey Girls were the first females to waitress at a fine dining steakhouse chain called the Harvey House. Fred Harvey sought out single, well-mannered, and educated American ladies. He paid them $17.50 a month including tips, room, and board. The Harvey House was America’s first restaurant chain.

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