35 Random Facts List #177

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1Peggy Harris

Peggy Harris

An American woman named Peggy Harris never learned what happened to her husband (Lieutenant Billie Harris), whose plane was shot down over Les Ventes, France during World War 2. She finally got her congressman to reopen his case in 2011. She was shocked to learn the town had been memorializing him and his sacrifice for 67 years.

2. An elderly woman named Hyacinth Thrash slept through the People’s Temple mass suicide in Jonestown. She woke up the next morning to discover the bodies of over 900 members of the cult.

3. In 2006, a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches. When passengers alerted crew they could smell burning, the flight made an emergency landing and the FBI was called in to conduct an investigation.

4. In early 2016, a woman named Laura Hardy tracked down the family of a World War 2 veteran whose Purple Heart she bought at an Arizona Goodwill store for $4.99 and gave it back to them.

5. An Ohio woman named Andrea Cammelleri once got out of a parking ticket because of a missing comma in the state's laws. She successfully argued that her car wasn't a "motor vehicle camper" and therefore wasn't included in the list of prohibited vehicles.

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6Essie Dunbar

Essie Dunbar

In 1915, a woman named Essie Dunbar was found alive after her sister ran late to her funeral, then demanded she sees her sister one more time. When they dug her out, the woman sat up and smiled, she went on to live for 47 more years.

7. In 2013, a woman got furious at Department store company Target for naming the color of her plus-size dress "Manatee gray" while the regular-size dress was called "dark heather gray". Target changed the color name and issued an apology.

8. During her husband's third term as president from 1973 to 1974, Isabel Peron served as both vice president and First Lady. When her husband died, she became the President of Argentina and thus became the first female president of any country in the world. 

9. Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space on 16 June 1963, where she spent 3 days orbiting the Earth 48 times and is the only woman to have completed a solo space mission.

10. A woman named Alice Pike tried to use a fake million dollar bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart and expected $998,325 in change

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11Ruth Graves Wakefield

Ruth Graves Wakefield

Ruth Graves Wakefield, the woman who invented chocolate chip cookies sold the idea to Nestlé in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

12. Carolyn Bryant who accused a 14-year-old boy named Emmett Till of flirting with her, admitted that she lied 62 years later. Till was brutally lynched by the woman’s husband and his cousin based on her accusation. Images of his mutilated body are credited with sparking the Civil Rights movement.

13. In 2015, a morbidly obese woman named Jodie Sinclair refused to get free weight-loss surgery offered by the NHS because she didn't want to lose the £75,000 in disability benefits she was receiving.

14. In 2010, a woman named Lori Ruff committed suicide. Her husband's family found a box among her possessions that contained name change documents and the birth certificate of a long-dead two-year-old girl. The true identity of Lori Ruff still has not been discovered.

15. The richest woman in Germany, Susanne Klatten, met her future husband while she was working in an apprenticeship at BMW (which she owned 12.5% of) under a fake name. He had no idea who she actually was until they were sure about their relationship.

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16Chante Mallard

Chante Mallard

A woman named Chante Mallard hit a homeless man with her car, sending him through her windshield. She drove home, parked her car in her garage and left him stuck there. He died, so she took the body to a park and set fire to the car. She was caught 4 months later when she talked about it at a party.

17. In 2012, a young woman's stomach (Gaby Scanlon) had to be removed after she drank a shot with liquid nitrogen still in it.

18. In 1990, a Florida woman named Sheila Keen Warren opened her door to a clown and was shot. In 2014, a hair was found in the evidence. After a DNA test, the clown was found in Tennessee running a restaurant with the wife's husband. Apparently they were having an affair months before the murder and they were now married.

19. In 2015, a case of a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder came forward and it was found that some of her personalities were blind. When a blind personality was in control, even with her eyes open, EEG showed that brain activity associated with sight was absent. When a sighted personality assumed control, visual brain activity returned.

20. In 2013, a woman in Miami texted “Driving drunk woo” 3 minutes before crashing her car into a truck which killed her 22-year-old friend who was passenger in her car.

21Marie Joseph

Marie Joseph

In 2011, a woman named Marie Joseph died in a Fall River, Massachusetts public pool and was not discovered until two days later when her body floated to the surface. The pool was visited by state health inspectors during the period the body was in the pool.

22. Lady Astor, the first female British MP, was constantly at odds with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. During a debate, she declared that if married to him, she'd have poisoned his tea. Churchill responded 'Madam, if I was your husband, I would drink it.'

23. In 2014, a woman in Maryland named Shannon Lee presented a forged doctor's note as an excuse for missing her sentencing on forgery and burglary charges.

24. Dolores Hart made ten films in five years, debuting with Elvis Presley in Loving You. In 1963, as an established leading lady, she stunned Hollywood by announcing that she was leaving her acting career to become a nun. She is currently the only nun to be an Oscar-voting member of the Academy.

25. A woman named Sylvia Driskell in Nebraska tried to sue all gay people. Her appeal had no legal references but quoted Webster's Dictionary and the Bible.

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