35 Impressive TV Details You Surely Didn’t Notice – Part 2



In S02E03 of Community, Abed can be seen in the background of multiple scenes with a pregnant woman. Towards the end of the episode, he can be seen delivering her baby in the back of a van.

12The Office

The Office

In The Office, when Jim signs Meredith's pelvis cast, he signs it with his real name, "John Krasinski."

13Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

In S03E10 of Rick and Morty, the Chinese character behind Jerry’s robe means "weak."

14Arrested Development

Arrested Development

In S04E03 of Arrested Development, the subtitles mock Tobias as he sings a nonsense song containing the word "fallacy."

15Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley S05E01 opening, the Facebook logo is shown in Russian for a second.

16The Office

The Office

In The office, when Dwight is acting manager Andy can be seen wearing short sleeve shirts like Dwight to further his plan to become his number 2.



In Seinfeld during the ‘The Parking Garage' episode, Michael Richards (Kramer) insisted on carrying an actual air conditioner the whole episode to make sure his struggle to carry it looked realistic.

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18Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

In Last Week Tonight with John Oliver's piece on Elected Judges, John brings up Bolivia. He tells the viewer that people think about Bolivia so little, that they don't know where it is on a map. In the background of the map of South America is actually the flag of Uruguay, not the flag of Bolivia.



In S02E04 of Futurama, bender is scanned by the F-Ray and reveals his body (head is shown). The part 6502 is actually a real 8-Bit Microprocessor (computer brain) developed in 1975 by Motorola.



In S03E22 of Seinfeld, when Kramer is skating you can briefly see that both his knees are scraped.

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