34 Wonderfully True Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Until Reading this Post | Random List #102

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1Ms. Pac-Man

The 1982 video game "Ms. Pac-Man" was created as a response to the fact that a majority of Pac-Man players were female.

2. The Secret Service maintains an extensive “ink library” that houses samples of nearly every kind of ink that has ever been manufactured in the past century.

3. The state of Florida does not allow married couples to divorce while one of the partners is pregnant.

4. A pig named Pigasus was nominated for US Presidency in 1968. The anti-war activists responsible demanded that the Pig be treated as candidate, including given security and access to briefings. Pigasus and his team were finally arrested during a “rally” and charged with disturbing the peace and bringing a pig to Chicago.

5. Months after the Saturday Night Massacre, President Richard Nixon blamed the media, establishment, partisans and the special prosecutor's staff for trying to take him down, and still had many supporters.

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6Cajun crayfish

Cajun crayfish have invaded Africa. Not only do they have no natural predators there, but they eat so many native species that they are causing an ecological disaster.

7. The 17th of March is not only Saint Patrick's Day, it’s also Saint Gertrude of Nevilles Day. She’s the patron saint of cats and cat lovers.

8. The dimples on a golf ball allow it to travel up to twice the distance of a smooth ball. The dimples increase lift and decrease drag.

9. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry used to keep a roadie by the side of his stage who was instructed to give him a toot of cocaine through a straw whenever he wandered over pretending to need technical assistance.

10. In Victorian England, it was common to have group family photos with their dead ones and given the long exposure time of the old cameras, the dead were often seen more sharply in the photos than the slightly-blurred living, because of their lack of movement.

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11Jim Carrey

When Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman in 'Man on the Moon' he was method acting. He did such a good job that when Andy Kaufman's sister visited the set, she believed Jim Carrey was a "vessel" which allowed Andy to communicate from beyond the grave and talk to his sister.

12. During his lifetime, Pythagoras was subject to elaborate legends which included and were not limited to having a golden thigh, could fly thanks to a magic arrow, being greeted by name once by a river, and once when bitten by a deadly snake, he bit it back and killed it.

13. If you smell a natural gas leak, then you should not turn off a light switch as it creates a spark.

14. A Teletubby toy named Po was recalled in the late 90s for calling kids "faggot" and telling them to "bite my butt."

15. This is a telephone company named the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, whom you can pay to obnoxiously respond to robocalls. According to them, “Subscribers can choose robot personalities, such as Whiskey Jack, who is frequently distracted by a game he is watching on television, or Salty Sally, a frazzled mother.”

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16Archimedes Pi

Archimedes estimated the value of pi with a polygon in a circle in a polygon. He made the diameter of the circle to 1, so the circumference was pi. With the circle's diameter, he found the perimeters of the polygons. Therefore, the value of pi (the circle's circumference) is in between them.

17. 'Brinicle' is a super concentrated sea salt that falls from forming sea ice sheets. The falling salt has a much lower freezing point than water so it instantly freezes all water it touches and kills any living thing it touches.

18. During the start of Operation Good Hope in 1994, United States military forces were supposed to land on the beaches of Mogadishu under the cover of darkness, to provide immediate relief for the refugees of the Rwandan genocide. Instead, they were met by CNN who was covering the landing live on television.

19. Two weeks before the Castle Gate Mine disaster of 1924 that killed 171 men, the Utah Fuel Company laid off many of the miners without dependents during a shortage of coal sales. As a result, 114 of the men killed in the disaster were married men and left behind 415 widows and children without fathers.

20. John F. Kennedy, 2 months before his presidency, was almost assassinated by a man named Richard Paul Pavlick who planned on driving a dynamite-laden car into JFK’s car. He didn’t go through with his plan because he saw Jacqueline and the couple's two small children bid goodbye to Kennedy, which changed his mind.

21Ivan Milat

While imprisoned for murdering 7 people in Australia, Ivan Milat "The Backpacker Killer" cut off his little finger with a plastic knife in 2011 in order to send it by mail to the High Court of Australia.

22. Michael Jackson worked with Stephen King to create a short film called ‘Ghosts.’ It set the world record for the longest music video at 40 minutes and centered around Michael Jackson as a rich recluse in a town where the adults try to run him out and he ends up being saved by children.

23. The term Peanut Gallery came from Vaudeville days when the audience in cheapest and rowdiest seats in the theater often ate peanuts and sometimes threw them at the performers.

24. Most vodkas in the US are pretty much the same, with no distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color.

25. 17th-century Italian biologist Francesco Redi found that tortoise's brains are so small and irrelevant that when he surgically removed them, they could continue to live for up to six months. When he entirely decapitated one, it still lived for 23 days.

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