34 Exciting Random Facts We Bet You Never Would Have Heard – Part 274

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26Meteor explosion

Meteor explosion

In December 2018, an explosion 10 times that of Hiroshima happened over the Bering Sea in Earth’s atmosphere that largely went unnoticed. It happened due to a meteor.

27. Vin Mariani was a mixture of wine and cocaine that was popular in Europe during the late 1800s. Two popes were known to drink it and it was so much enjoyed by Pope Leo XIII that he was used on posters promoting the product. The creator won a Vatican gold medal for creating it.

28. "Sussudio" was just a word that came out of Phil Collins' mouth when he was playing around with a drum machine. He wanted to replace it with another word in the actual song, but couldn't find the right one, so he just left it in the final lyrics and named the song "Sussudio."

29. Beirut Chess is a chess variant in which players secretly equip one of their men with a “bomb”, which can be detonated at any time, wiping out all pieces on surrounding squares.

30. There is an opposite to “déjà vu”, they call it “jamais vu.” It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time, is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.

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31Dance marathons

Dance marathons

Dance marathons provided food, shelter, and morbid entertainment during The Great Depression. People died from exhaustion and attempted suicide after dancing for weeks and it was very lucrative.

32. A ghost light is a single bulb left burning in a theatre when it’s dark. Some argue it’s meant to chase away spirits; others say it lights the way for the ghosts that are said to inhabit virtually every theatre. Either way, the light ensures no one takes an accidental tumble off the stage.

33. Swifts (highly aerial birds), spend most of their lives flying in the air and can fly for almost an entire year, without ever landing. 

34. During the Russian Civil War, there was a faction called the Green army that consisted of peasants who opposed all sides and fought to protect their communities from requisitions or reprisals.

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