34 Crazy & Weird Facts About Iconic Buildings Around the World

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26Michigan Theater

Michigan Theater

The Michigan Theater which was once one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the Midwest is now used as a parking garage.

27. There is a temple in India named Lotus Temple where anyone is welcome regardless of religion.

28. On very windy days the One World Trade Center makes a high pitched sound which is described as “whining”, “howling” or “moaning.”

29. There was a leaning tower (Leaning Tower of Zaragoza) in Spain which was 100 feet taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa but it was demolished in 1892.

30. Buildings in Amsterdam 'lean' inwards not due to a trick of the eye or bad architecture, but because it makes it easier to hoist furniture up if the buildings are slightly slanted.

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31Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall has been called "one of the world's ugliest buildings" and that calls for its destructions "have been regular since before construction was finished" in 1968.

32. The architecture of the University of Texas at El Paso is modeled after Bhutanese monasteries, known as Dzong architecture.

33. The Winchester Mystery House is a house with over 160 rooms built to ward off spirits. It contains many unsettling aspects such as stairs and doors leading to nothing, or a seance room with one entrance but four exits.

34. The Temple of All Religions in Russia is an architectural complex representing the religious architecture of 12 major religions of the world.

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