33 Spine-Tingling Myths, Legends and Folklore From Around The World

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26Friday the 13th

It is unknown how the "Friday the 13th" myth arose, however, there is no written evidence for the superstition before the 19th century.

27. According to legend, Corgis are a gift from woodland fairies and that their markings are caused by saddles and stirrups placed on their backs.

28. Hainuwele is a mythical Indonesian girl who legend says magically defecated valuable objects before she was buried alive.

29. Fan Death is a well-known myth in the South Korean culture. According to the myth, running an electric fan in a closed room with no open windows can lead to death. Despite no concrete evidence to support the concept, the myth of fan death persists due to its popularity.

30. During the temperance and Prohibition movements, it was a commonly believed myth that alcohol abuse could lead to spontaneous combustion.

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31Missing person

It is a myth that you need to or should wait 24 hours to report a missing person in USA.

32. Rabbits shouldn't regularly eat carrots or lettuce. It is a myth perpetuated by cartoons that these foods are part of their natural diets.

33. People started flipping one cigarette upside down in their packs because of a myth that early 'Lucky Strikes' contained marijuana.


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