33 Brutal Facts About The Most Infamous Riots The World Has Witnessed

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26Rebecca Riots

Rebecca Riots

During the ‘Rebecca Riots’ in 19th Century Wales, farmers would paint their faces and dress as women, calling themselves the ‘daughters’ of Rebecca (a biblical figure). They would riot, protest, and launch attacks against landowners and tollgates, ultimately succeeding in changing the law.

27. Zoot Suit Riots were a series of anti-Mexican youth riots in Los Angeles that happened in 1943. The suits worn were seen as unpatriotic because of the amount of fabric used, and later became prohibited during World War 2 because of their wastefulness of cloth.

28. The Crown Heights riot was a racial riot that took place in 1991 between blacks and Jews of the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York City. It was sparked by the death of a 7-year-old black boy named Gavin Cato who was run over by a Jewish driver.

29. The 1917 Bath Riots that occurred at the US-Mexican border were sparked by the practices of the US immigration service of using harmful chemicals, including gasoline, to disinfect people going through the borders.

30. Hong Kong had leftist riots in 1967. During the riots, leftist rioters placed over 1,000 bombs throughout the city. The riots did not end until Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai ordered the leftist groups in Hong Kong to stop all bombings.

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31Doctors' riot

Doctors' riot

In 1788, there was a riot in New York City over physicians and medical students illegally robbing graves of African Americans for dissection at Colombia College. The practice is commonly known as "Body-Snatching."

32. During the Ole Miss riot of 1962, segregationists were protesting the enrollment of James Meredith, a black US military veteran, at the University of Mississippi. Two civilians were killed during the night, and over 300 people were injured, including one-third of the US Marshals deployed.

33. During the Attica Prison riot, mistreated prisoners revolted, negotiations fell apart after 4 days, and in the resulting raid by State Police Department 29 inmates and 10 prison employees were killed.

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