33 Bizarre & Abnormal Foods That’ll Make You Lose Your Appetite

1The Widower

“The Widower” is a dish from Grantham, England made with 20 infinity chilies and claimed to be the world's hottest curry. Ian Rothwell is the only person to ever finish it. He took an hour to finish it and spent 10 minutes of that time hallucinating due to the endorphin rush.

2Bird's Nest Soup

There is an expensive Chinese cuisine soup called "Bird's Nest Soup" which is made from saliva nests of swiftlet birds.

3Century eggs

A century egg is a delicacy that is usually produced in the south of Taiwan. It made by preserving duck or chicken eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. The egg ends up with the white that is jelly-like and amber-brown and the yolk is smoky-black. It has a strong flavor due to the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia present in it.


Authentic Mongolian cuisine is mutton, mutton, and more mutton. (A "Mongolian barbecue" is neither Mongolian nor BBQ.) It is so monotonous that one travel author wrote: "in 33 years of international travel [Mongolia] has without question the most pitiful food of any country I have visited."


Bibimbap is Korean dish of mixed vegetables on rice. It has a symbolic meaning relating to the body and compass. For instance, red or orange foods represent both South and the heart, while yellow means center and the stomach.


The Kazakh dish of Qarta is made from boiled and then pan fried horse rectum. It is served without sauce or spices.


There is a traditional dish named Maniçoba from Northern Brazil. Its preparation involves boiling Manioc leaves for a week to remove its high cyanide content.

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A Filipino dish called Pinikpikan specifies beating a chicken to death so that the meat is bloodier and thus more tender.


There is a cabbage dish named Blaukraut in Germany, which is called red cabbage in northern Germany, and blue cabbage in southern Germany.

10Odori Don

There is a Japanese dish called Odori Don, which is a noodle soup topped with a dead squid that "dances" when soy sauce is poured on it.

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