33 Bizarre & Abnormal Foods That’ll Make You Lose Your Appetite


The Ortolan is a bird that was formerly eaten in French cuisine. The process of preparing it included trapping it in a dark box so that it would eat more thinking it was night, before drowning it in brandy, roasting it, and then eating it under a napkin, done to "shield ones self from God."

22Ants Climbing a Tree

There is a Szechuan dish in Chinese cuisine called "Ants Climbing a Tree" because the bits of ground meat clinging to the bean thread noodles evoke an image of ants walking on twigs.

23Mizu Shingen Mochi

Japan has a type of dessert called a Mizu Shingen Mochi and it looks like a giant raindrop and tastes quite like a giant raindrop.


Milt, which is the seminal fluid containing the sperm of fish, is considered a delicacy in Japanese and Korean cuisines.


'PagPag' is a type of Filipino cuisine eaten by poor sections of society that recycles old food garbage waste into new dishes.


Basashi is a Japanese dish, consisting of raw, thinly sliced horse meat that is dipped in soy sauce and garnished with ginger and onions. It is considered a staple bar food in the region.

27Engagement Chicken

There is a dish called "Engagement Chicken" which is served with the intention of getting your boyfriend to propose.

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A popular sushi food named Uni is a sweet, creamy dish made from sea urchin gonads.


The Kiviaq is a dish from Greenland which involves stuffing seabirds into a gutted seal and letting it ferment.


There is a popular dish in Somali cuisine called "Federation" which consists of half rice, half spaghetti, and an optional banana.


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